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Same time next week

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15 points

Why pay more for Maldive when you can pay less for the same experience in Romania

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9 points

Open airy apartment in Stockholm

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11 points

Autumn by the Lake in Cozy Screened Porch w/ Stone Fireplace - Lower Hay Lake, MN

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11 points

Cabin's Pine glows warm from Sunlight filtering through Forest of Blue Mounds, WI

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10 points

Open living space with views of the redwoods in Ross, CA

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9 points

Gorgeous reading room in Newport, RI home

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73 points

Real life Krusty Krubb!

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53 points

Big, black and you can sit on it.

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Concrete and Glass Great Room Steps from Pacific Waves. Listed for $8.8Million in Malibu.

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13 points

Luxury dining room

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6 points

I love the table behind the sofa.

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9 points

Enjoying the view of nature in this sitting room, located in Sri Lanka

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18 points

If you can ignore the gaudiness, the Backlit Honey Onyx Bar is actually pretty cool - Bachelor Gulch, CO

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11 points

Teacher: "Why did you miss school yesterday ?" Me:

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Did you know?

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11 points

Bobertz House, San Diego, CA, USA

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12 points

Modern living room on a mountainside in Whitefish, Montana.

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13 points

Beautiful sitting area with warm tones from the wood and tile and an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean in this home located in Pacific Palisades, California.

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126 points

Second floor bedroom located in Santorini

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