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Abdeen Palace, the residence of the president of Egypt, in Cairo

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18 points

This designer kitchen

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21 points

Bright reading area features wooden herringbone floors in this townhouse in Brooklyn.

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21 points

A modern attic space kitchen with a dining area and a living room in El Cabanyal Valencia, Spain

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12 points

New apartment here in Pilsen, Chicago!

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14 points

Brick, glass and huge windows frame the living area of a SoHo, NY loft.

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16 points

Industrial loft, kitchen

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17 points

An apartment built in 1885, Helsinki, Finland

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13 points

20-something millennial living room on a 25k yearly salary living in one of the most expensive cities in TX

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23 points

NR Courtyard House, Kuantan, Malaysia

Preview d5e53a6c f023 4f5c ba42 da63ae1a34c5
11 points

Rustic and industrial design elements merge in this Tribeca, NY penthouse

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17 points

The Karma....it means nothing...nothing at all...

Preview 25a81a17 43b6 4a19 a62e 581c4c1daa66
24 points

Vancouver, BC. An elegant office with stunning walls plastered with Tadelakt, a lime plaster from Morocco.

Preview a03baa3e 823a 4cfe 9370 4c1fe5e39d0c
20 points

Penthouse Loft in Houston, Texas

Preview d2613706 2fba 489a 8c57 776c14650db7
13 points

Trying to make the best of our tiny space

Preview 3d8f9bb5 14df 492f aedb 456244d0563c
14 points

Some wise advice.....

Preview ee078e72 7428 4d19 bff0 706e6b34729d
66 points

Aspen Vacation Mansion with this Gorgeous Great Room

Preview cf2a1fc8 0215 4565 afc4 81a207cd75ea
17 points

Stunning views from the Pool Suite, St. Lucia

Preview b07cf289 2f46 437c aa30 a563cd36ae60
23 points

This guys shirt this morning in traffic.

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22 points

Bright great room features a high, vaulted ceiling and a balcony in this home located on Wayzata Bay, Minneapolis.

Preview 4970bf6f ac35 48c5 b932 ed4b4ea02c4e
12 points

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