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Sat down with a sketchbook and started drawing my living room

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Just my dream room

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Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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Scandinavian style attic apartment uses and open plan design with a vaulted ceiling and exposed joists.

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Gothic windows and traditional feature tiles frame the kitchen and dining space of the historic Ebenezer Methodist Chapel in Forest-in-Teesdale, England.

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Private pool and balcony in a 3-story penthouse in Singapore. This penthouse is currently listed for $79M.

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7 points

Bring the outside in

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My Country (Kenya) held a vice president's debate and only 1 of the 8 candidates showed up. This is insanity!

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Dinning room + swimming pool in Mitti Street

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131 points

Awesome studio in Washington D.C.

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Small Swedish apartment with a lovely retro feel

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Lounge area in a former vault of the Midland Bank in London, now the Ned Hotel.

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Used to have dozens of friends, all of them got married . So I took myself out . I love me

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Kitchenette with plenty of natural light, located in São Paulo, Brazil

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5 points

Hooman, what the fuck

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384 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

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The call of responsibility

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Colorful living room, located in Asia District, Peru

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