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Spacious kitchen sits beneath a sleeping loft in this home in Vermont which was modeled after a barn.

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12 points

My cat enjoying her new bed

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Need an another blast on my office to check if boss can survive that too

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10 points

When she hears the sink running & thinks it might be bath time

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13 points

This table and chairs at an ice cream shop.

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16 points

What do you think of my creepy fish tank?

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10 points

Villa in Rwanda

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8 points

Bright, elegant breakfast nook with built-in bookshelves in this home located in Chicago, Illinois.

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11 points

Black kitchen by PYRAM

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11 points

Open air atrium surrounded by living and dining areas in Pasadena home

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11 points

Spectacular view on a modern and organic sanctuary, Hampton Bays, Nueva York

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121 points

No more economy tickets left. Work had to book 1st class on Emirates

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15 points

Bring the Seating Together, Beautiful Livingroom in Maxico

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13 points

Dark, Vintage Cabin with a Hanging Bed in Screened Porch

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12 points

Living room with a pond, located in Athens, Greece

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16 points

Loft in Former Industrial Building, Chelsea, New York

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12 points

Rustic Living Room in Montana, USA

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8 points

Scandinavian Home with unique fireplace and cozy roof terrace photos by Jonas Berg

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13 points

The chair of the villain

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17 points

Bright + Cozy Shepherd's Hut - Village of East Dean, England

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