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Definition of a nurse

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89 points

Restroom Signage

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99 points

A sign in the men’s washroom at a strip club for lady dancers.

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90 points

Come at me bro

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For the glory of Satan of course!

Preview 96f8f107 844b 4bbc 8204 4d69791780e0
77 points

Spotted today...

Preview db1a3793 a386 41a8 a328 e9d2fa319e9f
76 points

Pregnant ladies with WiFi?

Preview 7113c99f 417e 4c1c af48 7988decd74d7
80 points

Movies to show your kids

Preview de9f09f5 bafe 475f a57e 7596d5971ff8
76 points

Find your Netflix and chill partner

Preview 7d89487b e2a0 437f 811b 6e94713afad9
72 points

Before VS After

Preview 8f80ff7a 2d18 48dc bdc7 0f7f196a44a5
74 points

It's always time for alcohol...

Preview 53d52fd3 c071 4bc1 8c7d 94eb90dde9af
72 points

Set 'em up, and...

Preview 257e5c2b 1ca1 4e54 86b5 bc4900eee2b6
92 points

Spotted outside a pub in London

Preview 202e1677 0201 45ed 9fa0 0ac02d1cf54c
63 points

The local pub sums it up beautifully.

Preview 85160b7b 1954 4aea b5a3 e2ba6f43d82d
66 points

Soups are healthy...right?

Preview 7ca1772e 4677 427b ab1d c783631d7fcc
49 points

Coincidence ? I think not !

Preview d99081d7 8b51 4be6 950f bb0f03e617c9
58 points

Who would have thought it could come to this?

Preview e825326d 3195 489d 9bc2 473938617fa3
24 points

Smurf killed in hit and run in central London today.

Preview bf91b69a 0f75 4230 b936 d899b70d61c1
48 points

Sign at the register of a local restaurant

Preview f131aa5a 4c48 4d02 b21c c9a9cb14a29a
68 points

One of my coworkers is getting his citizenship today, so we left him a surprise for when he gets back.

Preview 3bf2be12 2e96 47a7 99a9 4e14dcbfeb1b
79 points

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