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Being Married

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Totally accurate spoiler for S7E3

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Free?! I'm in.

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Around the world

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Calling in sick to places I don't even work at ! Check out 519Comedy on YouTube!

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All I would need is a recording of the joker laugh to add to it...

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In front of a pub in Edinburgh

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I will watch because of the capes.

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I can't even draw a stick-figure...

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If I was there, I would hug her and thank her for the best childhood I have ever had

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You Matter (From meme stash)

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Literally me every math session I have.

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NBA rookie Markelle Fultz's father's day post.

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We have a lot of happy customers...

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Tru dat

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Equality or spite and intellectual laziness?

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Relationship Goals

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Douchebag student

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True words indeed...

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