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Dear Algebra

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72 points

Saw this in Nottingham train station

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At the coffee shop when you get hit by this unexpected quote of the day

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90 points

Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

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22 points

That's a huge miss

Preview ec507a04 c4b0 4f61 947a 4055caab7c51
22 points

Teach me master....

Preview f55d8b70 b812 4ecc 8785 238d849a2e20
21 points

We do not have Wifi..

Preview c0c381f3 1cea 43f2 8e15 150bb9e91d83
1 points

Well said

Preview b7795ca9 0f08 45ed acfc 1274b85fd453
21 points

This sign at my local bar

Preview ff65b50e fcb4 4bc3 befb e74a6c522036
92 points

Question of life

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19 points

Bar marketing at its finest

Preview a44e5cae 57f9 4e61 929b 0d7e353a9b71
2 points

Went to pizza place for lunch and found this

Preview 4d2d8010 42ad 4ba2 be23 a596077e66ad
4 points

Being Married

Preview 79f3811d 073e 44da a4f7 15687e993af9
19 points

Totally accurate spoiler for S7E3

Preview d296328b fb89 413c 9e85 d73df8ec4ea2

Well played

Preview 87dc8571 da81 4a90 b0e2 a7eab253e89e
4 points

Free?! I'm in.

Preview 3eb2c353 cbeb 4357 baa8 8123657a98c3
4 points

Around the world

Preview 41dc5bee f636 469a 8c3a e770568b850c
12 points

Calling in sick to places I don't even work at ! Check out 519Comedy on YouTube!

Preview f3d3facb 5063 4fb8 8eb9 fbe78064da2f
11 points

All I would need is a recording of the joker laugh to add to it...

Preview d80fd251 d9a9 45f2 9b15 fb07c5f1b338
66 points

In front of a pub in Edinburgh

Preview 253a46eb b8b3 42c3 9efe ecc085ce7f28

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