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Baby Toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco roasted chicken

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74 points

WTF Baby toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco chicken

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60 points

Ultimate warrior

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92 points

eyes up!

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71 points

When you are telling your Grandparents about your job and they have no clue what have you just said, but they are very supportive

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91 points

We made an agreement, best friends forever!

Preview 618e19aa 6104 4805 ac2f a1d6a6fe910b
69 points

Anything you say?

Preview ccc776ab 6f53 46cd b82d c7f512d18371
45 points

Chemeleons will hold onto anything you give them.

Preview 4140dd57 ac2b 4f31 ad7a 6bc71ce6c466
78 points

Watch Out! We got a badass over here!

Preview 220c271c f80d 4e30 9794 df8ccc297178

Bed Time

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32 points

Yes,I am that desperate

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56 points

they say chivalry is dead

Preview 782b99ae c794 4d15 ac55 48414e454d9b
153 points

Send Nudes...

Preview 89a8386d 319c 4580 ae99 4a21501a006d
434 points

The fruit of another sleepless night.

Preview 4fb7789e 84ae 4f23 aa48 b192e9f47822
22 points

God dammit, not again :|

Preview d7511b39 3477 4075 944c 82c6e80af53e

I'm asking you! you flatists

Preview a0ea2361 9ae7 4103 804c d576efadeb78
10 points

When you are lizard, but music is life

Preview 6469022d 04e5 46c2 9c4e e6d5f552d7d5
132 points

I think.. yes

Preview 8c494d20 ce8a 460e 9d38 250163c2c858
13 points

Parants and wifi

Preview 8d75a3f3 d52f 4505 99d4 a02669094b62
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