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Deadpool 2 filming in Vancouver, British Columbia this afternoon

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16 points

Dude, be more relevant please.

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18 points

Bench buddies: football edition

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11 points

F**k the police: Mexican edition

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2 points

This police car in my town

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13 points

Perfect transition

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11 points

The most important stat...

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14 points

Zonda Cinque in this beautiful Spec

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11 points

Your daily dose of facts

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2 points

A dolphine with a hat

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62 points


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14 points

Boom, headshot.

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So that be meaning asian people better than other in engineering ???!!!!

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10 points

How's that?

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4 points

Astronauts describing their Experiences in Space

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This kid knows his stuff.

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4 points

Research shows

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2 points

And so it begins... What do you think?

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8 points

Drake Looks Like The Proudest Girlfriend

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6 points

My local police department posted this to their Facebook

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