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Very Excited Jack Russell Wins Our Hearts Even His Dog Show Run Isn't A Perfect One

150 points

Kid having trouble concentrating on the game

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118 points

When your face hits the pavement

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127 points

When your friend won't let you borrow his truck.

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87 points

This Venezuelan Skier Might Be The Worst Skier Ever, But He's An Inspiration To Us All

203 points

Thirty is the new speed!

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284 points

New England's Patriot newest receiver. #51 The Ground.

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201 points

Not even a bit

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74 points

Ohh Yeah, nobody is looking... Hahahahaweeeeee

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142 points

What I see is not what i got

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77 points

In ya nose b....

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75 points


Preview d60ada6a 7ca7 498d 8f3f b7255c28924c
241 points

You know you're Polish when this is your average name...

Preview 3675b7b3 ffd8 4806 8d56 9add1ffbbb54
180 points

Just a normal day in Stockton,California.

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205 points

"I must go, my planet needs me" - Sauber F1, 2012

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132 points

That's going to leave a mark

Preview 8763c63a c198 42b0 b8da 1602bbdc3665
134 points

Some people say he is not a very good player

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244 points

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