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Do you like surreal comics? Pbfcomics are hilarious!

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12 points

Damn you Ti

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12 points

Pickle-O Riiiiiiiiiick!

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12 points

Team Talon, blast off at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to die. Boop! That's right!

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Who needs a BF if you can do this?

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Let's Party (by Humon)

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Me, every day

Preview 473b4e8a 2f46 4557 a65f fa4e1a92d62f
7 points

Damn you pearl

Preview 8c3c90c6 1db5 4711 a650 28b6a06e9bba
12 points

100x effectiveness

Preview 0a4c58b5 a7d4 40fc bb3d 9105d886df8d
9 points

My name is barry allen and I am the fastest man alive

Preview a056ef3c 0613 4b6a 9e3b 6ede8d826228

So deep!

Preview 1fcb5dda a6b5 4d6c 8768 1a81c06ba2b7
7 points

Beep beep I'm a liar

Preview 3d8a64ba a654 483b b34f 645657d5a050
5 points

Yes I would

Preview 24ed940c 97cb 445d b88a 9e0980d6a9a7
2 points

Guy Imitating 100 Kinds Of Walking Posture. Which One Are You?

444 points

I just don't f**king listen

Preview 59208258 9e79 48b6 af8d 5c45ef5e3a51
3 points

I used to have several personalities, but now we are healed!

Preview 3d5e2bca 1096 49fd a060 6912c1b38b73
5 points

Dog owners can relate

Preview eab7a931 e8c6 4080 ae29 57a4b9418716
2 points

Keeping with the dark theme of Rick and Morty.

Preview 6dce1f8f e682 47ef 9076 4b20cbbbd1b3
5 points

Potato Chips

Preview 80821693 e00e 4555 9ef9 f7399e73502d
3 points

Dammit EA!

Preview 779823b4 6905 4bbb 8d62 984894051788
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