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Probably not...

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You are beautiful by owlturd

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14 points

When someone likes your random comment 58w ago

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14 points

What makes you happy?

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22 points

Calm yo ass down

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21 points

Everyone has their own taste preferences, and thats ok :)

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12 points

What the f**k is this.

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Roses are red. Fish in the sea.

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Childhood memories

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16 points

How is this a fair trial? Our lawyer is a Morty.

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New Beginnings

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13 points

It's still an ass...

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23 points

The way it crumbles.

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12 points

Do you like surreal comics? Pbfcomics are hilarious!

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12 points

Damn you Ti

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14 points

Pickle-O Riiiiiiiiiick!

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Team Talon, blast off at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to die. Boop! That's right!

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