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office stuff

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169 points

It's Been 6 Years And Still My Favourite Review On Amazon

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150 points

Under pressure

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126 points

Bubbles is having a bad day.


I went to the dentist, and...

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87 points

The feels

Preview 2fb9d0bb ec6e 42b6 8d11 c35878de00e9
82 points

This was in my dentist's waiting room.

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100 points

Childhood difficulties

Preview 47bae46a a8b9 4e56 874b d92f5dc99e4f
87 points

Always plays to be proactive

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Why do you read this?

Preview 7d38ed06 79e7 432b bad7 3d225c1a20bc
64 points

This made me laugh a little to much

Preview 43075f62 f957 452c 95c5 b707c6f65f1d
52 points

North vs South Korea

Preview 287a4f4d 61f7 412d ab75 c02f0420cb2e
112 points

Which one had enough sleep?

Preview 7ba56839 0b66 42e8 8d7b 29c49dc7de2d
108 points

It's just a sloth thing

Preview 303e3c1d d0a6 43f8 b0a5 36a04b920b56
113 points


Preview 64d3a209 ba2d 4582 b82b e49b245231a1

Rage comic

Preview 5fd79241 368e 479a 95f0 b9f1d0170f26
104 points

Is it just me, or the beast was prettier as a beast instead of a prince?

Preview 7e373355 0190 4353 97d0 cb652c274281

Best tshirt ever

Preview 892259ce 0a05 4b12 bc7d 91ddc2803dc0
104 points

What an eye-opener!

Preview c9adba40 5964 4c08 a0dd 5afbedbfe257
104 points

I'm in love with Kenobi/Grievous memes

Preview 099efd28 3f51 4cb3 8fc7 9bb79278eace
156 points

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