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Family guy strikes again

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16 points

My wife thinks buying my son an orange coat may not have been a good idea...

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19 points

How to write a spectacular resume

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18 points

Steve Irwin-----RIP

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17 points

When someone likes your random comment 58w ago

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14 points

Guess who

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What makes you happy?

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23 points

James Fridman who amused the internet by taking Twitter users' Photoshop requests VERY literally releases another batch of hilariously

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18 points

The den of pure autism

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17 points


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2 points

A girl is no one

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13 points

Never mind. you won

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16 points


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14 points

Classic Golden Girls

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18 points

Artist imagines Disney characters in opposite sex

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116 points

Big bird is best boss

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5 points


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2 points

Your daily dose of savage

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Old but gold

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16 points

Something you might need!

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