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Long live Mathilda Jones – after finding a huge ‘Excalibur’ sword in the lake from the legend of King Arthur

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91 points

The World is Flat

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No-name memes

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24 points

Harry is that you?

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64 points

Love is bigger than any tidal wave, or fear.

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But why though?

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91 points

These french people...

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117 points

I mean It's just moon over sun.

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103 points

No one reads this anyway

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90 points

Sad Truth

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84 points

Cheeki breeki iv damke

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50 points

LESBIANS?? I would LOVE to have one of these!

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108 points

Don't offend Homer

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75 points

The only Vindicator that's truly worth anything

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68 points

His face

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101 points

One of the best movie ending :')

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168 points

Reasonable gentleman!

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58 points

A photographer took pictures of people before and after calling them beautiful

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210 points

Mr hanky?

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