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Chicken Slaughterhouse Protest Prank

64 points

Chicken fashion

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107 points

...but Mommm!

Preview b1e7cb90 508e 495c a525 72d11a757bee

A little parent humour this evening

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119 points

Wait what?

Preview 5754b33e be35 485d 84c6 65640a757f52
144 points

Who has the balls??

Preview 6a327e99 150d 42d0 a3e4 05712c9173c6
193 points

You can never be confused as this chicken

Preview bc88d25e bee8 404c 891c f448855306a2
75 points

This chicken hates you

Preview 984c2127 25ce 4f91 bfc4 340b7579f07f

Chris Pratt

Preview 94ca4de4 620c 416d b8f3 289c33f7e905
79 points

Rooster watches Harry Potter


This Chicken

Preview c0f1ad38 ce15 467f bdee 1c449e0375b9

Uh what is this mr potato dead?

Preview 9d3cc568 2758 4cf7 a182 fa7086a8604c

Well done Mom.. you just saved 7$..

Preview 99b74e95 4e75 4f96 a075 4e1756dd6263
110 points

Brazilian giant rooster called Índio Gigante

Preview 50d0de49 ee8a 479e 8eb9 bcbb2d4b716d
288 points

I dropped this hard boiled egg, there was nothing underneath it. .

Preview 261e8e3d e9f8 4dd1 92ad 2243c9f5f420
90 points

The 3 types of chickens

Preview b86a7684 fa4d 4565 af3a 3561fbcba204
110 points


Preview e16cf868 f1f8 4316 a30c b5f752291b2a
108 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

Preview 142fba49 ce49 4fc9 a146 abe82aecceb2
146 points

The love of a mother.

Preview c8e96cc8 4f1e 4ddc 83f2 3d828ee05bea
87 points

Tequila + cruise ship balcony


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