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Chris Pratt

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This Chicken

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Uh what is this mr potato dead?

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Well done Mom.. you just saved 7$..

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75 points

Brazilian giant rooster called Índio Gigante

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14 points

I dropped this hard boiled egg, there was nothing underneath it. .

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Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

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The love of a mother.

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15 points

Tequila + cruise ship balcony


The 3 types of Roosters

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122 points

The great escape..!!

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74 points

League of Legends players will know.

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5 points

The cycle is complete now.

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14 points

When you're cooking the chicken just recht

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7 points

My chickens are gangster. yo.

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20 points

Everybody get away from the table, I saw it first.

Preview c4e3d240 9d2c 4b9b a98d 53ececaf06c5

Didn't expect Snoop & Larry to be so great together.


I can't relate but one of you guys can

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