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“I claim this as mine!” said Doggo

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Ahahahahaha :"D

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54 points

“I’ll come see if you’re okay when I damn well please.”

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Quiet! The dog is listening...

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81 points

Fancy doge

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81 points

The dog became possessed again

Preview 6cff8d95 4638 4793 8dac a279b48ea5cf

My friend's dog ate a pot brownie yesterday

Preview b51bb0aa 3d1e 445f 9df7 fd0f1c26aa44
41 points

Isn’t this the cutest

Preview 3a0ea207 ecba 4229 8d0e aa715fe0f8e3
88 points

He wanna tell me something, who knows what he thinking...

Preview e38a7eee a3ce 43b6 8517 b15c6babfdf5

A birds beak at my in laws house.

Preview 6f6572e0 5617 4852 990a 62cfa64365ee
88 points

Puppy vs. Bees.

Preview b8a8b5d7 dbd7 4e4e 847c e3f327b53180
39 points

I'm on a trip with family & it looks like I'm going to come home with a pupper..

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74 points

Pranked girlfriend with new puppy

20 points

B I t t e n

Preview e7e744db a4fe 4cf9 a1c8 4a601098b5a1

What even is this!!??

Preview 7be52e7a c316 4b04 9612 df602843b841
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Preview 9c94bb26 0448 42a8 8aef a6bd433cf223
108 points

Banana for scale

Preview 50d9135d 236e 4fec b983 0e8b5659cd64
58 points

A random dog ran up to me while I was walking home so I pet him...This is the face he made

Preview ac5a6885 49de 437b a1b3 fe5f67611bac
52 points

Scooob where are you?

Preview 4e63d18b c23a 462c 8c99 f480fc20f479
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