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When mom isn't around

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35 points

Oh look, a lemon..

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64 points

Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran

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114 points

My son usually only reveals this form when he isn’t getting something he wants.

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That time the wizard of oz described the entire internet

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99 points

Recently broke up with my girlfriend and I’m totally okay...

Preview 7f29ba75 21c5 4c74 9030 749a00011267
115 points

The pain is real

Preview fe88625a 265c 4260 9909 ceea330eaa74
82 points

Fat camp

Preview 37615eb7 9452 422e a256 fcf88aa2c5d6
96 points

I managed to snap this picture of a seagull robbing my son's lunch!

Preview 5b1a8405 9ea7 453a 90ea a724d317c5d0

Some of us Progressed Beyond This

Preview c5ab24ab e191 4719 9344 de2896790bcd
88 points

The moment my son realised what true heartbreak is

Preview 51e3fe93 6d8b 4998 bef6 e834abed4fee

Took a photo of my friend exactly when a fly came by.

Preview 1eae1a9b 60f7 4ba1 a51a 9d84d1b45281
101 points

"When you and your friend say the same thing at the same time"

Preview fab59a94 19bc 455d 96cd 81ffd8b42fc5
107 points

Going into work after not sleeping all weekend like

Preview fe33d35c dc73 4b12 9391 118253096b1a
66 points

For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

Preview cbbfec4a 925e 4d55 9204 00669fa9e836
88 points

Vegan Protest Prank


Best senior yearbook ad. Ever.

Preview a23333c3 137d 4da7 9eae 1a0b6ec9d1f6
106 points

The dog in the picture is doing the same thing the dog irl is doing.

Preview f4101362 dcc5 41f2 8499 ec70d2959c12
105 points

Pigeon feeding frenzy

Preview 1830722f d462 4ee9 a627 753a8702e141
121 points

Birthday in Montenegro

Preview c7623bff 336c 4466 bd45 d2ce1a81b10a
78 points

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