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My nephew’s goose egg.

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80 points

The shoe kills me every time I see this

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Baby inside meat

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82 points

My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls.

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102 points

A Koosh Ball Popped, So This Happened

Preview a7673e6f 30df 4d24 a736 64eac3c726e4
72 points

Man locks his head in a cage in an attempt to quit smoking. Wife has the key and only opens it for meals

Preview fa427546 fe64 46a3 9b91 6a9d1b87fdfe
104 points

Caught my baby mid sneeze.

Preview 0122f433 9d8b 4ce2 ae4b fc3aeaea0816

Lebron James just did what?

Preview 7f420c42 727b 403f 8caf 187abb46843e

Finally Got My Dad To Sleep

Preview b771ac6c c782 472d 84ba 0690f035c21b
92 points

My childhood And i am looking funny.

Preview 6e5bf83c 9698 4eb2 ab83 32691e95e25d
79 points

Girlfriend took a pregnancy test and sent me this...

Preview 044a2259 610a 43a3 8e6a c3658a7385a1
72 points

She face swapped with her doll.

Preview 6be14275 3658 4bf8 a09c 62554f7d2d2b
72 points

My daughter looks like Beaker from The Muppets.

Preview 5bec4600 3374 4380 b0b5 512ff027d0a2
68 points

An uncomfortably lifelike doll

Preview 7b272cd3 80d8 4f34 987c a6aa8c23a12e
37 points

1953 Playboy Magazine Cover, Ireland

Preview bb91e4e3 ab39 4b78 81ae 1e5258616453
64 points

My mother-in-law was messing around on a picture app and one of the filters decided to give my 1 year old son a mouth full of jacked up teeth. He only has 4 teeth

Preview 8c9c4b3a 6f6c 4992 bb1a 2169e42e3c08
63 points

This realistic face mask is horrifying.

Preview a8ea2ff8 e3d7 4ba4 bb07 11860ff7b7f7
64 points

this killed me

Preview 3928a9e4 3769 40da 8df5 fe9dcc1902b3
67 points

My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone

Preview f80c4d29 4d6a 4d96 90a3 190c0ad38ff3
44 points

This pigeon.

Preview 3b80042d 263a 4d68 a1a7 9e4e8e291ec1

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