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Advertisement vs Reality

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22 points

You cost me an arm baby

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17 points

Japanese Men Selected Their Top 10 Actresses With Ideal Body Shape

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109 points

My buddy’s toenail.

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16 points

Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.

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17 points

Kid learned the truth too early

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77 points

Found This in my attic.

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21 points

When they ignore you and play with the dog instead.

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21 points

Hahaha, LMAO.

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23 points

Time will stop when you occur the love.

Preview ddc4dfd9 69f7 4e1c 997f 70bdbe9fe5db

Damn it,kim. (not mine)

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23 points

Good boi

Preview 52e7094a 7460 43e3 ac1d 7e4a06c90768
55 points

Yep she was already ded!

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23 points

It would not be nice. To sit alone in the theatre

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73 points

So, Church may be backfiring a little bit.

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63 points

You already lost the game bruh...

Preview 9f8d7990 44e8 44c7 af84 06a48d67c75f
63 points

There's two types of kids on the first day of school..

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76 points

Stupid reasons why kids cry

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