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Going into work after not sleeping all weekend like

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Happy Easter!

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My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls.

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Two sisters

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nail prank on kids

75 points

I enlarged my baby in these pics juuuust enough before posting them to make people think: "Man, that's a big baby"

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You cost me an arm baby

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Kid learned the truth too early

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Evil Doll Prank On Kids GONE WRONG!!!

77 points

Prank on dad 😩😂

21 points

Subway pranks

18 points

Happy puppy, strawberry, unicorn kisses, pudding.


This stock photo of bullying.

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43 points

Sassy Sarah


When you've murdered your entire family and know you cannot be questioned as a suspect.

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Sadness and sorrow

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Llama Attack!


Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Tell The Story Of Easter And Gets Hilarious Results

396 points

Ridiculous Tricks You Can Do With a Slinky!

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