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Hustler monkey

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150 points

June's a lucky girl

Preview f6ea019d 4d76 402d 93c1 691b6bfecda6
158 points

Oh please tell me more!

Preview 4d981218 ebb9 498d 82c6 858eee7d3edb
109 points

An actual concern

Preview fe67d590 ab78 454a 9f3e ed440cf99f71
121 points

Hello, do you have a second to talk about our lord and saviour Yogi the Bear

Preview b3ca0304 53ef 44e9 9956 725ed40fc0e6
122 points

My Australian cattle dog does this when I try to water anything.

Preview 36234465 4a2b 4c25 92db 2347b1a67c60

4k TV owners, Beware.

Preview 9d1ff4c8 b080 45d9 9d09 0deb13f05a1e
122 points

Bearly intellegent

Preview e2fe99ad 78cf 4345 b5d7 30d1f35d6ea3
104 points

The image that got me hooked on Reddit.

Preview 08888987 7f64 4c64 a245 d7296b09debf
111 points

Let me use your head as a diving board

Preview 4cf8e407 be6e 41b6 9a9e d2c09b99c51e

Dix out for our savior

Preview c5ea1b74 e826 45c4 90a7 7699eda9b7bd
72 points


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76 points

Mbeli, a Western Lowland gorilla with her baby at the Taronga zoo in Sydney.

Preview 6e63c80e 8db4 4c4f 93d9 532a26358ef6
72 points

I know depression is real issue but I've seen some retarded shit

Preview eecf322d 015d 41a0 810c 6dd244a83083
73 points

In my mind that's the only way I could ever make a girl notice me

Preview 215aa7c9 b5f6 4636 8f57 109c5738937a
50 points

Your daily dose of fun!

Preview 8a9dc2af 02b5 4b3b 9f59 0b9310a96f51
93 points

At first I thought this was a joke

Preview ad28337d 8d4b 4862 be48 ec98d4fc82d9

Someone should throw their child in there already

Preview 8a325233 1314 4675 91b3 b039ec9e57f1
74 points

Is not her personality, is not her body.

Preview aae490a8 61df 44f6 9651 e60d3504a619
88 points

-tags, -sound, -crashing, -log-outs, +girls, +nsfw

Preview cac79f4f 6a99 45cf b4be a94fe1ee993d
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