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Donut Fact #18

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218 points


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68 points

My mouth is foaming

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90 points

I have to pick it up for my curiosity.

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We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

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87 points

What is meat floss?

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122 points

This perfect pyramid of pancakes.

Preview 6ecbd7df 6f4a 4501 9e5c 4489466c293d
72 points

Ok internet, you got my attention

Preview 5f7e4222 509e 4d7d 87af d46f9e621c4b
71 points

It's my labs 3rd birthday today! Best wishes and happiest birthdays to you doggo

Preview bef930f8 a087 49c1 9c72 98f362dfc682
141 points

That's amazing

Preview db5c4780 eea6 4ea2 b05f 26bc0e31efae
64 points

Nice pizza I guess

Preview 53ec2870 1595 4002 93d0 52bae96c1098
117 points

Couldn’t figure out why Starbucks is selling a Christmas octopus...

Preview ffa2f170 c2c5 4b09 9c8a 2cf98f217504
62 points


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51 points

Fire ants form a protective island as they float out the Houston flood

Preview 4be66544 834c 4359 9872 a65e9eebc0cf
58 points

My spirit animal

Preview 117ba041 6158 4b77 b516 55047b5e21c9
80 points

Fire Ants Create Island During Flooding

Preview f194f689 499d 470b a0b3 4961e3344dc8
55 points

My wife's friend found a snake in her ice cream

Preview 96822a11 9bf7 4b81 ab69 ab8b8fc10af6
85 points

How fast a dog grows in 3 months...

Preview cb9f814b 7736 43e6 8805 11bcd91d1603
73 points

Disaster in 3... 2... 1

Preview a8c59c88 1eee 4e59 bff8 3f3dbd8a1380

Cookie Logic

Preview 3ea7434f bbc1 4539 81b5 3a354ef291e0
50 points

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