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Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Cosplay

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13 points

Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Cosplay

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94 points

Grindelwald, Switzerland

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55 points

My boyfriend took a perfect picture of some fireworks

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Do you think PETA is going to ban this game?

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2 points

The only party I'd support

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2 points

This odd Folgers add


A frozen geyser

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1 points

Mr. Burns is a good motivator.

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4 points

My buddy just sent me this picture from the hospital.

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3 points

*Hits Blunt*

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6 points

Such a cute gir... wait, what?!

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96 points

325 days to christmas...

Preview d5e39b30 4883 4e62 a866 2651c355c80d
131 points

Took daughter to a birthday party. There's something wrong with those bees

Preview 5e8d1007 40e8 415d a245 f21723a86874
169 points

Christmas tree made entirely of bananas.

Preview eaefdc41 7fff 4446 a954 f565ba2fe2fe
80 points

Australian christmas tree decorations

Preview 7d96170d dd02 4129 8529 5cabbe2b826e
208 points

Italian cake

Preview 62493ba8 b595 4cf6 88ba 5dc4e4574f2e
146 points


Preview 48e085d2 58d3 42ed bc15 b6a59c0f23ec
83 points

So how was your crhistmas? Me:

Preview 9cef50c8 9f69 45ec 8069 7a50bfbace63
161 points

Oh Santa ...

Preview b8a64a86 519b 4987 ba9a 0c4c3d5b7723
92 points

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