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When you hire a "multilingual" ad designer...

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78 points

Bar in Les Bains hotel, Paris, France © Guillaume Grasset

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35 points

The Ranstead Room, Bar and Lounge located in Philadelphia, PA

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57 points

Detention was 34 years ago today

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84 points

Got me a little scared at first.

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58 points

Someone's undercover

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49 points

Cop uses chicken to practice keeping a straight face


Before there was a Photoshop... Photo manipulations by Thomas Barbéy

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112 points

My schools banner was very poorly worded.

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103 points

Taxi Driver Prank Call

17 points

Al Jazeera: Fresh Perspective, Fresh Cock

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11 points

Man bun vs mullet

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116 points

Harrison Ford

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111 points

Wait, they did what?!

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94 points

I've honestly got very little...

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21 points

How Scene Transitions Make The Matrix Tight As Heck


"Beauty And The Beast" Meet Mini Belle And The Beast Is An Adorable Session


"King Arthur: Legend of the Sword " Final Trailer


This Wolverine: Logan's Retrospective Gives The Most Emotional Look Back At The X-Man's Life


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