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This was actually made in Microsoft Paint

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62 points

Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

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21 points

I will just go around those blinking things

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78 points

Geared up for getting down

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23 points

50 lane highway in China...

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22 points

Collage House, Mumbai, India

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24 points

Some shots I got in Venezia. what do you guys think? :)

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I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

Preview d4b77d42 f7e7 4ceb aa10 711538ad8e6a
15 points

Kazan, Russia

Preview 2e2e76ca 8fdb 4c96 b559 f590279f961d
9 points

Zagreb, Croatia

Preview d435e25f b300 4a8f a222 1a9e45b8a871

Azure blue indoor pool at hearst castle.

Preview b15cc118 aa32 4c2b 9085 97fa1140e04d
22 points

Japan gets paid by the mile not the hour

Preview c6c1536e 3cc7 4484 a103 1ad88a871e3b
69 points

The sky was yellow in Britain (France) because of ash from Portugal and sand from Africa, brought by the typhoon. Earth can be mesmerizing and terrifying.

Preview e2a70d4f e554 455f 8e09 6194bed97b5d

Moody bar combines design elements from several eras in The Arts Club in Mayfair, London.

Preview c1634f50 28de 4f3a 914b f7b65ec2a701
22 points

Syon conservatory, North London.

Preview 0cfb7a2e 1efd 4f52 b3c9 333b8bc70933
19 points

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

Preview 15fbff43 8181 476a 9bdf c3025aa46425
84 points

Traditional Fishing in Xing Ping in China during a scenic sunset - thought you might like it!

Preview 435a9ba5 3560 4a0c 9d77 74313508a280
19 points

Gas Station In Slovakia

Preview a22a9e94 376f 4093 ae63 f2299178477e
17 points

Sala São Paulo - Concert hall

Preview 9eece5de f3e5 4026 80e5 d3daa90446e4
22 points

The reflection makes it look like there is a car on the balcony

Preview 628f0812 c91f 4bdd 8e40 5bf75582be89
78 points

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