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Inside the sanctuary of Thorncrown Chapel located in the Ozark Mountains. It measures 48 feet high, 60 feet long and a mere 24 feet wide and has a central skylight.

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54 points

Is this legal?

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126 points

Spot the black Labrador

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124 points

Well planned Department.

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166 points

After a pigeon flew into a window...

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167 points

Hong Kong

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Macaque pillaging a trash can

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155 points

Senior prank at School on friday

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137 points

That’s quite the squad hang out.

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Mid blow out of a Funny Car

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140 points

Fairchild Mansion, early modern Manhattan townhouse with glass-enclosed ramps

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94 points

One day...

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131 points

Jumping off the building at Mines Falls, Nashua, NH.

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But we are BUILDINGS!!!

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112 points

That should do it

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110 points

Seattle Spece Needle Restaurant

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McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Detroit, MI, USA

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46 points

here we have the asian squat 🤦🏼‍♀️

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127 points

She escaped

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96 points

True bro

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