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Whats your problem Susan

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When you finally got enough money to open your f*cking restaurant.

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When your ultimate is ready but youre still in The Room

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Country Facts Series: Luxembourg

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Store uses U-Haul trucks to protect windows from Irma

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I don't think this is safe.

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perfectly timed photo in İstanbul

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The Moon over the highest bridge in Poland

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Lightning strike in Kuala Lumpur

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This wall painting

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13 points

This spider's web looks like Spider-Man

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Well, are they?

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The pyramids, as seen from a Cairo street

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Amsterdam's Red Light District is home to some beautiful old canals and ancient taverns. Skip the hookers, explore the scenery!

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Staple City

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City Library in Stuttgart looking like a chamber of awesomeness

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This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.

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21 points

A 125 year difference on this corner.

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The coolest image ive seen!does someone know how to take a picture like that?

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