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A Funeral to Behold

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The Ice road across Lena River in Russia

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I took this photo just as lightning struck.

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Plus it will keep the food fresh!

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Some signs are hard to interpret, not this one, though. The meaning is clear. Cyclists are to blame for the fall of Christianity.

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77 points

When you hire a "multilingual" ad designer...

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Let's hang out

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Dining room of Michelin star restaurant Le Loft, Vienna Austria

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90 points

Thin people only

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It doesn't rain often in Egypt, but when it does, it rains Buses

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...and the rest of the building is where?

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Restaurant in a Grade-I-listed building built in the 1930s which was a former bank hq before it was converted into a hotel & club in London, UK

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I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and.....

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Why that's a nice shirt.

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During french demonstration 14/07/16

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Traffic lights stopped working in a São Paulo crossroad, this was the result

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112 points

Museums in Denmark don’t fuck around

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99 points

Stone Spiral Staircase

Preview 5e7f87e2 6ee4 4ea6 8ca5 1ec3cba12d0f

Standing Steel

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