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Sneak level 100

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85 points

The rickroll was one of the greatest pranks to date! Simple and effective, and in 2018 literally no one is expecting it! What a time to be alive 😇

110 points

Fake target worker pranked! KICKED OUT

73 points

If your dad doesn't have these shoes, do you really have a dad?

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129 points

Any guitar lovers right here ? This is my 1987 Lespaul Custom Showcase

Preview 38f68d37 94f5 4f8f 851f 295eac99808f
74 points

Track me not

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77 points

Early 20th century Japanese characters typewriter

Preview 22b54d15 96c0 4ef0 94b8 2d3740e11313
70 points

My vans came in today

Preview 51183154 7975 4de0 891e 71376a87a594

Taxi Driver Prank Call

17 points

The sad end of a legend

Preview ae7bcc80 f976 418a 8686 ebd8c7deb926
12 points

Low, slow and with style.

Preview edccf28b 2565 4a80 80cb 7cb3d0731f2c
14 points

Velvet wraps, Who's idea was this?

Preview 01baf372 9896 4881 b3d3 e0437892f5b5
13 points

That'll be $2000

Preview bf0f2e59 a1b6 44df 956f 685d4bf53a75
23 points

I sold this '58 VW Bug in 1994 when my son was 2 years old. Found it for sale on Craigslist and bought it back.

Preview c03112aa 4dbb 43f2 89dd 3d4d9a82caa4
198 points

Macron Classics - Fun With Faxes

12 points

I found this near my school

Preview 05a240b5 35f1 4482 9ba3 92d358e03d43
23 points

Extraordinary car, extraordinary movie, yet still no sequel

Preview b4e3ec1c 479e 4296 84b8 a5c83a493f2a

Nice one lamborgini nice one

Preview f1006fc4 bca8 4a59 804c c34da8c6ed0c
18 points

My dad finally got his dream car! Corvette 1959 restored and modified completely

Preview 968bbd0f 6c98 4552 8b69 a8c49ec81b7b
55 points

Discount car sharing

Preview 4e61364c 66d2 4954 b1ef 3de7048f5028
76 points

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