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Shimotoyama House Renovation / ALTS Design Office, Japan, 2018

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53 points

Chalet Inside an Existing Awarded Cell / Kokosalaki|Architecture, Greece, 2017

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65 points

Beach penthouse situated in South Australia

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22 points

Minimalist dining room in the $85M Bronfman-Haupton house in Bel Air

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75 points

Beautifully restored Neutra home in the Hollywood Hills.

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15 points

Fake it if you can't make it

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100 points

Could you please move Mrs. Wilson?

Preview 9b203055 63b8 4bb5 9464 a158cfdb5f6e
108 points

Don’t worry, you’ll get ‘em next time.

Preview 10bb7fbb 8bb9 42bb b955 73dafaf10a81
104 points

Oh dad!

Preview 984f858b 9969 4643 9667 37da297252ea
103 points

Brand new kitchen in Aspen, CO

Preview 31e8214a 5354 443a bdd8 b8922f4cd4a9
59 points

Come here Jenny

Preview 7639e83e b390 4446 84f9 8d6cd6ab19df
75 points

My Living Room. Nothing crazy but I love it

Preview c65cba27 611e 4524 9922 49a3c072de35
83 points

Scandavian-inspired dining room with tiled feature wall.

Preview 39dcf401 8438 4527 9a2c 2be0c88dfc39
65 points

Family dinner

Preview ea765767 9dd4 4b93 af47 c34dd1b3a484
54 points


Preview 34092c5c 4a2d 4369 ab38 934a5b9f0437
153 points

Movies to show your kids

Preview de9f09f5 bafe 475f a57e 7596d5971ff8
104 points

Find your Netflix and chill partner

Preview 7d89487b e2a0 437f 811b 6e94713afad9
90 points

Before VS After

Preview 8f80ff7a 2d18 48dc bdc7 0f7f196a44a5
93 points

It's always time for alcohol...

Preview 53d52fd3 c071 4bc1 8c7d 94eb90dde9af
92 points

A different Malcolm in the middle scene that I enjoyed.

Preview 32a5fa77 a1b7 4d11 950a c9e75a3f7fed
88 points

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