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Being Married

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17 points

Cats cats cats

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15 points

When you were born mang[a]ifted...

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23 points

Free?! I'm in.

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2 points

Around the world

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6 points

Rosewood walls and terrazzo floors surround the dining area and sunken conversation pit in this mid-century home located in Piney Point, Texas.

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14 points

In front of a pub in Edinburgh

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I can't even draw a stick-figure...

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14 points

If I was there, I would hug her and thank her for the best childhood I have ever had

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17 points

You Matter (From meme stash)

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12 points

Literally me every math session I have.

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15 points

This is borking 101 and im your pawfessor

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2 points

We have a lot of happy customers...

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A moment of silence for this poor man :'(

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The face you make when you know you did a mistake

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2 points

Douchebag student

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5 points

For all the Asian kids who don't want to become a doctor

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3 points

23 now

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5 points

*Flips table*

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