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What about curry ?

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17 points

Rustic and industrial design elements merge in this Tribeca, NY penthouse

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17 points

Will this work?

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Am I the first one ?

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20 points

I did but some problems were a little , “ruff”

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68 points

Proposed Underwater Restaurant, Båly, Norway, by Snøhetta

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21 points

Saw this in Nottingham train station

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At the coffee shop when you get hit by this unexpected quote of the day

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90 points

Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

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23 points


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103 points

That's a huge miss

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22 points

Teach me master....

Preview f55d8b70 b812 4ecc 8785 238d849a2e20
21 points

Family guy strikes again

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17 points

Well said

Preview b7795ca9 0f08 45ed acfc 1274b85fd453
21 points

WTF Mom!!!

Preview 4cb9d8f3 d943 40c2 8d94 25a33ed3654b

This sign at my local bar

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92 points

Moonlight, 2016

Preview 104529db 124b 4329 a6bb 427c9f1e9011

Being Married

Preview 79f3811d 073e 44da a4f7 15687e993af9
19 points

Cats cats cats

Preview 36b64ec5 4085 4a21 8a86 17559eb9cfe6
18 points

When you were born mang[a]ifted...

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92 points

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