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I guess things are getting competitive at work

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8 points

Neat headphones packaging

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14 points

But I am so thirsty

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6 points

This urinal next to sink

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14 points

This cloud looks just like a cat!!! Well – it’s a cat!

Preview 4eba6abe c2bb 4f80 99c9 0237dee1e656

This makes me uncomfortable

Preview 25a8a89a b674 4cb7 8c9d 5cc8c6cbf114
14 points

They soak up all my unhappiness

Preview eac74b45 39f8 46e7 81ec 6b881607c374
12 points

Redesigned my tiny apartment bathroom. Quite pleased with the result.

Preview eac8419c 1271 440f 8647 a852c2d919c4
12 points

I work next door to a company the sells used water-coolers, this is where they test them before sending them back out.

Preview a46be872 a06a 4b9a 8a1f 119e2a9a87bb
3 points

Privacy 100% (Hungary)

Preview e357dce0 84a1 4324 af41 ffc07e36b28b
2 points

20 Everyday Life Hacks Are Really Useful To Clean, To Cook And To Pack

222 points
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This All-Electric Powered Lilium Jet Is The Flying Car We've Been Waiting For

300 points
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It's a trap!

Preview 53e3bc3b 8c8a 4159 bad4 e4df4aece08f
95 points

Do u like my new sneakers?

Preview e71b0817 fcc1 4c36 b2ba 13f329359df6
91 points


Preview d334c0c9 2020 4cef 8389 589c03708553
85 points

This plastic bag has some serious self esteem issues.

Preview 8891c497 7f31 433b 8e71 8c3aa9db9471
74 points

Waste of bread but the reaction is worth it.

Preview 2e80d2fb de78 4d67 bb7d 60091e7f1aec
494 points

Constructors doing... not their job

Preview d08eac6d 3c7d 4be0 b35f bf8720ff5522
186 points

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