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Cue mild palm sweating

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Caught a rare occurrence

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93 points

I love bathroom graffiti.

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Used to have PSVT episodes all the time like this. My heart rate would max out the pulseoximeter and stay there for hours. This would happen at random, even while sitting down doing nothing.

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Ah, Plattsburgh NY, small town I grew up in. Their churches are something else.

Preview b7534e38 aa60 430a ba3b 120079fa6af4

Found this on the windows of a turkish club room around the corner...

Preview e8320d48 1167 4682 9c1a 8dd714430974
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Clever sign between a dojo and a coffee shop in my hometown.

Preview 6b21e8bd 4ee6 47ac 9195 063ba3d4b312
107 points

No birds allowed.

Preview 92b6b3e8 7dc5 49bd acca 68b3ec157ec9

Everyday dilemma

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Passing time

Preview dd363a83 da23 4095 8a14 a66daf40a5ef

When Mom comes over to visit.

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Happy New Year Reddit!!!

Preview f31667a0 ecf6 460b a0ca eefeb8e01ddf

Redundant clock

Preview e89c2c49 8f92 431e b330 b8aad6c19672
58 points

This ring have an entire Super Mario level engraved 360 degrees around it.

Preview e334ac2e a93a 494a a10d c6d7aa86304e
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Preview 562b7f1f 5c9f 4395 9b13 268ec6296229
78 points

10 Bone-Chilling Urban Legends

Preview 533a54ea a952 476d 9368 9f64ff30d645
104 points

CHEVY hired me to create this steampunk beast as celebration of RED WINGS team. Hope you like it

Preview e190e7ab df80 4c96 87dd 1cd4b72a9cb0
99 points

Dont forget its my birthday today

Preview 5f4e92f7 4c53 4dd4 b4dd 404c895faa96
87 points

Its time to stop!

Preview 0ad31286 a371 4601 ba13 fc7af79a3aa8
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