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The problem with skin coloured clothing.

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101 points

I don't need a full face helmet, Karen

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83 points

We are fabolous

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91 points

College graduate with an awesome attitude

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129 points

True at times

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103 points

A childs skull

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88 points

Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it

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80 points

Nearly had a heart attack at Walmart..

Preview f18acb08 e183 4fda 9d44 6415656e6067
80 points

I say they kill off Roseanne this time and continue on without her.

Preview 99941081 279e 435b aa28 ed28e9f7635c
108 points

AC rules! DC drools! Take that Borg!

Preview 8a4a9639 242d 45b8 919e 7e8354f114bf
129 points

Mid-air struggle behind the newly wed.

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When you think it's a man in a bikini and then you realize it's chest hair. Ahaha.

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118 points

The Original Unisex Bathroom

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102 points

Woman ends up in hospital after mistaking builders expanding foam for hair mousse.

Preview 183c65d2 b965 410a 9141 095f64b513dc
96 points


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118 points

Real men only do it in one trip.

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94 points

A decoration the local fish resturant has waiting for customers that decide to eat there.

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83 points

The lineup on the hand and the K at the bottom left

Preview f19e1255 620b 4808 9335 43543cbf534c

Sick rock climbing shot

Preview 8b64ad38 1419 4790 944d 41719175a85c

So my friend went canyoning...

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