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A storm in Texas, USA, photographed by Craig Bill on 20 September 2011.

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Beautiful island...

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13 points

Zimbabwe is the land of opportunity

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13 points

Just some interesting facts...

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10 points

Good point. Lol

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8 points

The more you know...

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Ironically, I am enrolling into the Police Academy next year, which wouldn't have been possible without her help. Funny how things turn out!

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I don't know if really happened but:

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80 points

Tree with leaves of clouds

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Sounds catchy though

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Oh stop it Satan

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13 points

That's creepy

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5 points

Meanwhile in Ireland...

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2 points

Still blame lag.

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3 points

Straya f**k yeah!

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128 points

Google isn't a snitch

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111 points

Wet yoga class requirement

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163 points

Steve Irwin the legend

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99 points

This guy ...

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124 points

Good thing I am unemployed

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