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Happy wife happy life.

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60 points

Graduation Gift from my dads boss circa 2010

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55 points

The sad reality of life

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68 points

I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing videogames.

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61 points

Before today, I never thought I would see a sign so badly kerned that it made me physically ill to look at.

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65 points

I think the oil change place is hinting that I should clean the junk out of my car

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97 points

European version of Florida guy

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82 points

Living in an apartment

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Definitely 100

Preview fd1c48df 3dd8 458e b53a 89ba68e90422
87 points


Preview 99cdd80a b603 4f27 9329 dc8281e824c3
61 points

The best and worst thing about girls is same, they are unpredictable

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43 points

How do I communicate with colourblind people?

Preview 9b24d534 79b9 4ecd 9539 3c6e1c8570e2
17 points

I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

Preview 2a03d723 5563 41be 9ce8 87878758973a
23 points

Every damn time

Preview 58b20d40 def8 4084 90b3 a87aeca775c2
20 points

Mirror, Mirror

Preview 5c59b464 9f8b 4d55 8946 1390a2a011e0
60 points

Hardest Puzzle Ever. Reviews on Play Store

Preview 470e4004 1cf5 4f43 9100 a09a68008d84
24 points

I Didn't See That Coming

Preview cd02fde5 4af4 4ff6 bab0 5b6105c2d285

I am a person that likes to win so it'd be easy to fool me into this... too bad I know what it means now

Preview e7e18c49 49af 4295 b56f d7db7bd15fdc
64 points

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

I Really Did Not Want To Fit This

Preview 78d60395 ac9f 44f6 b9ea 2dee65c90e01
22 points

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