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Eclipse landscape Hartsburg, Missouri

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12 points

Why giraffes can't play hide and seek

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Cloud Tree

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8 points

This cloud tree

Preview b798ea25 369f 428e 9148 a4be91d29e95
6 points

Krillin died again.

Preview ddbe1352 d2b4 48f9 af91 f74d3ad8bf16
9 points

Orgasm for your eyes

Preview a8547156 ff89 469f 8e4a c33b34786cd8
12 points

Checkmate, Atheists!

Preview a3b1d7e2 1a36 464e 8014 3f4298963a55
17 points

Venice dont mess around

Preview 92d0e596 4b89 40a5 805e 36e5f644cb69
14 points

Fixed it.

Preview 2d6cd9b4 2abb 4966 8a87 cfd3875dbddb
13 points

France and Spain's area is modified by 6,820 m² every 6 months

Preview e2fa8823 c682 407c 9f80 df0736fd0b24

Amazon Review of Pet Costume

Preview f0c18e2c 3cc9 4930 9354 7372a0a769a4

Watching the sunrise from above

Preview 7cb8325c f73c 4421 9a0a af6e69d10d57
10 points

Mindblowing eclipse shot from NASA

Preview 66862a95 3ddc 4fb2 8d53 75e4722646cf
13 points

Airplane flew by when /u/adamkw94 snapped the photo of eclipse

Preview ae384d14 7182 496e 81d2 e19e960bf2bf

The beauty of the sea

Preview 3bf67bfc 8786 4b19 a287 b7b26cc6ff84
0 points

My tiny town in Poland in winter... Photo by me

Preview 7323824d 0188 4fff 8bba 372290e95e48
2 points

That one guy

Preview 3bf81707 abb3 461e 8d9d c01159c97cb1
102 points

Love skyrim skill memes

Preview 6e207146 4110 4750 baa5 5075731d49d6
12 points

Yoga anyone?

Preview a57e8138 813b 4e09 9726 283273986e10
4 points

Thinking of the worst ways to kill your enemy's

Preview 22adb926 765d 456a a88c 7ddda761a9b4
9 points

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