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Capitalism meets sarcasm

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166 points

Much wow

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102 points

Took a picture and it got a lighting strike as the shutter rolled

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Funny hotel sign I saw today

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130 points

A horrifying fire tornado in Missouri

Preview 25eef425 503f 4274 b513 7b50756d22f1
72 points

2 men standing around with glow sticks in Hawaii

Preview 609952ce a7f0 449d 92c0 9c20e4c4cabd
122 points

He is always watching. ALWAYS!

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129 points

How Unicorns are made

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108 points

Heaven saying Hi

Preview 00b1bc9c c2ce 4356 973d 8986b8803392

It puts the sprinkles on the cone…

Preview cc1f2159 35d7 4ad3 aa64 b5182e6f7e34
124 points

Sometimes water leaks through the light fixture in my basement

Preview deae84f1 1937 4fd2 a9b8 e74a89048840
110 points

The oil refinery the next town over just fucking exploded.

Preview 49ab7251 9b07 4de9 9e6c 14d0a9d9b27e
93 points

Better stay safe.

Preview 09490c71 ca2f 418c 9ed9 0d3536aecb32
96 points

Going this fast doesn't take you to the Hogwarts Express though...

Preview bbba1834 bc8f 4aa9 aa69 895ece8d7106
86 points

Airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow.

Preview eb3732c8 e69c 44b9 bf4d 8b2ba3004f69
101 points

Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan from an airplane

Preview 31460faa 4469 4dcb 8a94 1ec0e8e0cd9e
108 points

So my daughter bought a leash for her chicken and took it for a walk in the park. Someone took notice and tweeted it to this billboard

Preview 5c209ec4 5d03 4ca6 b765 7a138765aa43
145 points

Randomly took a picture out the airplane window last night and captured lightning.

Preview 59dc1a32 2753 44ac b5c0 38542df949bc
100 points


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