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Berlin by Vadim Makhorov

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I am equally compelled and confused

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77 points

He has Risen!

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83 points

She drove for a while before she noticed it

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89 points

He saw it coming

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86 points

Sitting on the edge of a 30 story roof

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I miss these guys

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111 points

Goddammit Steve

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118 points

Ready to drop in

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Above Times Square- New York, NY

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Squad's back together.

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80 points

Always lay out your terms early in the negotiation...

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51 points

Rule number 1

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53 points

The dashboard in the cab I took today in Hong Kong, the phones are blocking half of the windshield and are running various cab hailing apps.

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57 points

I'm at the same office as the friend in at the DMV

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71 points

Control Room for the Seafloor Production Tools of a deep sea mining operation

Preview 51488db8 5f11 4482 b7dd 72ea5cfdbef2
47 points

Interior of a flooded Houston car

Preview 326ff1dd 9985 44f1 a593 cad9f1537d13
79 points

He tied a tablet and a phone to his steering wheel. Note the ticket in his hand

Preview 208b0297 80ac 45a0 8fa9 8ce5fafa623f
75 points

The birthing of a plane...

Preview 2211f6d6 66cc 4901 b8a0 6f15242d59da
70 points

This was Nissan's idea of their future cars in 1983.

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