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As a German I agree

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The more you know!

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Don't ruin my tea!! milk goes in last!!!

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19 points

Lol biscuits wtf?!?!?

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18 points

Someone didn't flush the toilet the last day of school. I came back to this. Yes, they are moving.

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15 points

Some ideas for our daily tools

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15 points

Am I the only one who paid for it?

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Got called in for a meeting with HR recently about "appropriate language in the workplace;" the next day this gem mysteriously showed up on my desk.

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Why were we taught this in school?

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But can you not even?

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15 points

There's too much blood in my caffeine system...

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Best gift ever. Cup made specially for me.

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3 points

My friend really wants this cup...

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I can relate to this (I'm german)

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"This assignment can't be done in one night" - teacher

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72 points

This mug my dad gave me is the greatest little gadget I've ever had

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93 points

Barista ain't koi about her skills.

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68 points

Pekin, IL, Home of the Chinks high school teams

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13 points

What you do if you have no children for Bring your Kids to Work Day...

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10 points

The longer you look at this picture, the more anxious it becomes.

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