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So I horked this out of my right nostril, am I dying?

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19 points

Take my money !

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11 points

Want one too

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19 points

Don't you hate it when your coffee sends you dick pic without asking?

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96 points

Is it normal?

Preview d9d7b2f7 17fb 4c41 9a46 c1c09cda0758
20 points

I found a tooth on my pizza

Preview 04e09018 bd7f 4788 802d db657a056389
18 points

Starbucks finally spelt my friend's name right

Preview 2e6ae887 57e1 4e86 9549 4e6f365bbd5d

I honestly hate myself I’m sorry

Preview 87902fa0 ac60 4198 809f bfd8c281218a
21 points

Found this in the bottom of my mug. Nice work

Preview 20e990d9 8482 4c59 974c 62da2b60b775
23 points

McDonalds new cup

Preview 9df80dd8 28cb 4640 9d17 a2c00d251e3e
19 points

Technically she is not wrong

Preview 9d4b32d9 5ba8 4bcb 868a 2ebc1d13220d
19 points

Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

Preview 3c432ec2 08d0 45ca a1d6 4d418f1ac91d
23 points

As a German I agree

Preview 9ef5fd39 fb92 4eb2 bca4 5382f451e9bf

Tim Hortans Roll Up The Rim Prank


Present for my wife

Preview 7bdf9d8d b7ef 4be1 874d be49a7c46f45
1 points

When its my turn to speak.

Preview 2c46ae1d c027 4d88 af10 0f348f84e345
1 points

Not my arms


The more you know!

Preview 57be32d2 143e 4382 a370 8a6e3c36f673
24 points

Don't ruin my tea!! milk goes in last!!!

Preview 44018ee5 b9f3 419c a38a be04b671f2f2
22 points

Lol biscuits wtf?!?!?

Preview 8e26c4f1 67d1 41f3 9ffd f5304defda6a
20 points

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