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Scale buildup in a commercial espresso machine.

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101 points


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81 points

Thanks, McDonald's...

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73 points

My mouth is foaming

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72 points

My boss’s coffee mug

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86 points

Exodia Caffeinate!

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80 points

It’s a-me,

Preview 728c7518 b954 421b 9a6a ce70e432b0df
61 points

Too latte

Preview 4535dbbf 4a95 44c4 802e 5e70acf4ce62
76 points

This cup of fat looks like a frothy, cold beer. I’m going to leave it out at a party this weekend. I’ll report back.

Preview c372409f 5e16 44f9 a4b3 129d4b23ddca
104 points

How to make a chair 100 feet in the air


Me every week.

Preview ae5e4fd4 34dc 41d3 9274 ace2d594d1d7
115 points

Found a frozen mouse in my frozen coffee I bought yesterday

Preview cebf52c7 b485 4ae7 9373 c33d83ca3077
65 points

This is a shower filter I put in last month after my wife kept complaining about her hair always feeling dirty even after a shower. We live in a high end apartment in NY.

Preview 4d8de1c6 7962 4ed7 a2c0 5cfd673dc84b
86 points


Preview aab5aa52 24f7 4570 8233 fdf90f2b18ea
24 points

Perfect snapshot of a squirt of ketchup

Preview 553d9e57 1d95 40d1 922d faebbbfded7e

Drinking Coffee and Getting High


Chaotic evil

Preview b40c4593 5e9e 49cb adaa 7f6a0795be76
84 points

Experienced drinker.

Preview dab16f6f 079d 4725 abe1 1b684cb2ff8d
62 points

GF broke up. Spend my mony alone in norway. Best thing ever did!

Preview 1ec1b858 aba8 4b55 b014 de10351f1162
42 points

I make custom teapots. This one sold 5 minutes after it was done. :)

Preview 4e757a0a c9c4 4190 88d4 431f0aa5933c
68 points

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