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Found a frozen mouse in my frozen coffee I bought yesterday

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This is a shower filter I put in last month after my wife kept complaining about her hair always feeling dirty even after a shower. We live in a high end apartment in NY.

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Perfect snapshot of a squirt of ketchup

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Chaotic evil

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66 points

Experienced drinker.

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GF broke up. Spend my mony alone in norway. Best thing ever did!

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I make custom teapots. This one sold 5 minutes after it was done. :)

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Pretty good coffe cup ay?

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15 points

Why were we taught this in school?

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My friend's coffee mug

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One of my former coworkers left a lot of surprises like this around the office for us to find after they were let go.

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One year ago, I left my life behind I alienated my family, moved to a new country, all to chase my dreams. And now, it's all worth it.

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72 points

The beautiful gradation of this coffee drink

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18 points

This mug was given to me by my grandmother, she owned it for 30 years.

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83 points

I also like to live dangerously

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When you order a muffin but are accidentally given an a-level art project instead

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70 points

So I horked this out of my right nostril, am I dying?

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