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Rattlesnake in toilet

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She just points to the cup whenever I try and start a conversation in the morning

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3 points

At a coffee shop in Constanta, Romania

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Ohh yeah!

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Vulture Drinking Woman's Coffee


A little bit of art for you :}

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Coffee Art

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142 points

Jimmy Kimmel Wants You To Have A F**k-it-ccino Instead Of A Unicorn Frappuccino From Starbucks

328 points

Well thats a lil bit odd...

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168 points

Japanese Coffee Vending Machine Shows Its Working Process Live And It's Amazing

364 points

The Baristas From This Bikini Cafe Are Driving People To Outrage... Apparently (NSFW)

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363 points

Fact about Germany

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134 points

Oh wow

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140 points

Dragon ball zzz

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192 points


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128 points

For all you tea lovers

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165 points

Even my coffee hates monday

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66 points

Free WiFi ends now!

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182 points

I really need this cup

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162 points

Putin "Taking Notes" during Obama's speech.

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