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Leafs-Hurricanes game

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Guy make a sculpture from ice and cows' heads

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22 points

Sound of the perfect thud

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Out from the woods he comes...

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22 points

Scared by sledding jump

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Italian tree

Preview c0fd7abe 81f8 4b55 ad0f e66b0515f4d8

Not mine

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19 points

The Last Flash you'll see!

Preview 611dbd26 1ac5 4a41 a496 c2a0b93b789a
78 points

My neighbor's koi pond! Three pack rats in a recycling bin

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24 points

October and its already snowing

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A truck snow angel

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68 points

The way this ice froze around the bumper and stayed.

Preview 2b77176b cfa8 4385 aa8c 941a388c0fa8
80 points

I know this isn’t special or anything but here is the first snow of my hometown (:

Preview fb2500f9 ed67 489d aa49 103631697aa0

From New York Fashion Show - Cold Weather Clothes

Preview 468f85ed 165c 4e95 b5fd 894c7f7b658d
11 points

So sad but lol

Preview 265a3c87 e02b 413a 98ba a0dac5f2e3e1
21 points


Preview 3954644e c200 4fef a5fd f50c5911cdb0
17 points

Frozen staircase

Preview 58868c7f 63d9 40dc 9818 4596ee669e4a
21 points
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Your aunt was kind enough to make it for you So you're going to wear it

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18 points

First Snow

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