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Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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11 points

The most morbid tea bag

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12 points

Petroleum trapped in a quartz crystal

Preview 5f81a7bd d4c0 41b9 825e 0eb3ce64098a
18 points

I found this dead dolphin washed up on a beach in The Netherlands

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23 points

Adorable balls of floofs

Preview 06f620f2 42bf 4c6a 9449 254572e2ce93
15 points

Cheer up ice birb !

Preview 9a955a99 3c38 4716 9264 4279a2f0d5f2
23 points

Superthicc genderfluid

Preview 32cbd676 3f4e 4819 8b47 758b23bb244b
23 points

The reflection of this iceberg looks like a polar bear

Preview 7c0bfabd 06d7 4edc 9c0f d95b1fb9556c
14 points

This deer

Preview e66fb8c5 4bd8 46a6 bacf 758c8e7eb4da

Hanging off a crane in New York.


What kind of fruit is this

Preview e9e9dd0f 2207 44bd 9dc4 d957e7cb6594

*battledrums in the background*

Preview 00435a57 e162 4a5b 86e8 91a9b3d053f7
4 points

I don't know about you guys but this scene along with the music gave me goosebumps. Pure awe! Haters gonna hate

Preview 114396aa 3415 4f82 bc77 d027649d3068
13 points

Look at this cute snow doggo

Preview f26ce4a0 6072 4ac2 905a 10cc7ba93424
15 points

Alex Andreev surreal art

Preview 5a451303 2481 4612 b974 ad090f349241
15 points

When you try to be healthy

Preview 3147c07d c4dc 47a5 ad73 160cdd28d8b8
2 points

Hop clouds

Preview 2ad59cb2 882f 4e68 a1a5 299f0752ab36
12 points

Show me the CarFox

Preview 61ef73ea af10 454a af9a eb05fe3acf4c
14 points

Will Ice Float In Oil?


Ski resort in Skeikampen Norway

Preview edcf6569 e3cf 4772 982b 87df8f609976
15 points

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