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Crossing a Crevasse

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Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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14 points

A rope ladder

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Florida car alarm - feeds itself

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13 points

Being seal-y with your friends

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78 points

Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

Preview e7aea41e 9803 4073 aad8 e10960915f5a
118 points

A frozen geyser

Preview 6028e561 1134 42f1 be9e a29cda88100a
0 points

Birdshot vs femur

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3 points

You know you screwed

Preview 998b271d d1da 430d b67f 80ef0ddfc246
3 points

The way this lemon holds the coke

Preview 5034e93d 6ad2 4d04 b0db a3300c247399
3 points

Americans be like: "Enjoy your beer."

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3 points

Company charges $325 for pack with hand-crafted 50 ice cubes

Preview 3da90728 f7d7 4560 bca7 ae2d56493c15
0 points

This is a lizard that has been soaking in all kind of chemicals.

Preview 23397665 4131 4ef0 abd3 445f845f6912
0 points

When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

Preview 7b29d2cd 94c7 4ca4 b0ff b46a63a15fba
206 points

When you se it.

Preview ce1f3d3b 6102 47a9 93bb 5439f12d4faf
2 points

To be fair, it was 70 last week. I guess they forgot it can still snow in Chicago.

Preview d900dc35 69e6 495d 92c2 265c98b00f64
151 points

Such a cute gir... wait, what?!

Preview 8f6850db dc94 4d61 95d4 47c109942204
94 points

Fun fact

Preview 3733e189 a2e1 4ac3 a02d a39e3d8b5c5f
150 points

Saving goats from snow

Preview 30b1e341 8230 4d68 943b 56b2d7b264dd
149 points

Canadian Special forces

Preview 8e54ea09 41b6 4b4e bfa3 6a31527686f6
105 points

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