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Oops, it was bigger than expected.

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Trying to shovel...

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I call it Hahn Solo

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Winter Snow Storm - lightning in the clouds revealed by filter. Unfiltered and more pics for comparison in comments

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Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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79 points

Me getting hit by a wave at Mavericks, 2010

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A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

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I’m gonna kill that damn squirrel

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56 points

Too Cold To Be Sweaty

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And we have liftoff!

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Caught my dog licking her nose

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Picture my mom took a few years ago while my sister and I had been throwing snowballs at her all day.

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Pack it up boys, looks like we're done here.

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My boy will not allow this Snowman to keep his arms.

Preview d8408ec2 b7c7 439c a554 bc44e86afb72

The last shot while still on the sled

Preview 5bd1e911 d579 4b68 a13c 1e6e58188bad

I live in Corpus Christi

Preview 9626f308 8a36 4ac7 9651 60119d622814

One clear victor

Preview d33ce397 48d8 4bd2 96d2 8b5f9349ed9a

Alaskan Flat Tire

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