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Definitely 100

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84 points

All them good classics

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49 points

I have no problem in fat-shaming, if that would motivate you to stop looking like a whale.

Preview 385c9d64 9a5b 48a4 ad89 1f2eafb3cbd9
46 points

Keep the rules consistent

Preview 83901716 dda5 4d73 b0b4 2f5b41286d04
17 points

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

Probably the best end user licensing agreement ever!!!

Preview 74125c0e 88ce 46e5 9298 57981bb4829b
50 points

Dear customers

Preview e43266f8 98cd 4569 b475 a9b3d3007b1b
36 points

This comment

Preview 428f1976 7c3c 4fbf bd7c 0261b6ce2e2e

Tornado Safety: DOs and DON'Ts

Preview f7f62da8 f3fa 4048 86d5 9c3f06f30107
24 points

The Modern Family

Preview 8c80f669 3ab5 4d31 a048 d5ac4b01c46e

The era of waterproof is upon us

Preview e8982854 13fc 48c1 a298 b0ce31afad24

Welcome to the future!

Preview 220433ff 7e18 4f1a acf6 020402831a71
78 points

This guy gets it

Preview 8f91005e a2ea 4d2a 862e 6cd9f9565798

8 Strange Little-Known Unsolved Mysteries

Preview 4dfe46cb 1d9f 4546 87f8 5f5df13cfa6d
101 points

Just saw this on r/casualiama and I am blown away. WTF.

Preview 3e8be9c2 43b9 4485 a73d 0bbd4c3be949
21 points

7 of the Deadliest Cults that Ended in Tragedy

Preview d2c5550a abb5 4100 a723 97467bbfcb4e
64 points

Only in America!

Preview 8347c9f0 a752 49ee b7dd e2734edaa242
21 points


Preview 21dd55fa 105d 45d4 84e3 5f85e5ba0450

Photos of divers doing flips mid-dive and edited onto a toilet is the best thing I've seen all week

Preview 3b618166 d56a 4ec6 bf8a b982ac754a6c
34 points

Can you photoshop my face on the other pic?

Preview fbfc14c8 6c8a 4729 ae6a 1b76aea339d6
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