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The sad reality of life

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66 points

I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing videogames.

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59 points

Before today, I never thought I would see a sign so badly kerned that it made me physically ill to look at.

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63 points

European version of Florida guy

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82 points

Definitely 100

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86 points

Niagara gone red

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82 points

Know the difference.

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48 points

Kalergi's plan is love. Kalergi's plan is life!

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57 points

This would be me.

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24 points

Can confirm. Germany is pretty scary.

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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

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24 points

Dats waisis

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16 points

Good boy

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18 points

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

Probably the best end user licensing agreement ever!!!

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51 points

What is seen cannot be unseen

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71 points


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Dear customers

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36 points

Cab ride home

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Little Johnny

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