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Every god damn time.

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These shaved lab rats advertised as 'Life science toolbox'.

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The struggle was real.

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Sums up modern art

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A friend made this for my birthday next week. Thought you guys might like it

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Uberpool of the White Walkers

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Best Buttfcuk?

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217 points

Who would you choose?

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Running gag

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Uploading an Empire image every day #8

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⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

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"The Lion King" 3D Bloopers Outtakes Will Make Your Emotional Memories In This Movie Fades!


So fckn cute

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I just love these!

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Latest Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week...

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Modern art

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There is also no d in "surprise butt sex"

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What 90's kids will say now

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