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Latest Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week...

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Modern art

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There is also no d in "surprise butt sex"

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86 points

What 90's kids will say now

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110 points

Fun Facts about Brunei

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137 points

What's your favorite form of potato ?

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We can all agree he is an apache helicopter, right?

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Zimbabwe's $100 trillion note, worth around 40 US cents.

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Someone left his glasses in a museum and people thought it was a Art.

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190 points

How we see spiders in Australia

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Upcoming movies in 2017, I'm going to be broke. Which ones are must-watch for you?

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Seems fun

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New hero - my grandmother !

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Drinking in different parts of the world

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When the armor has good stats, but looks like shit.

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The Evolution Of Dwayne Johnson

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Who wore it better?

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It means: For your health

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