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M&M's and gummy bears in a bowl

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8 points

Heart tattoos are awesome!

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10 points

Nice view

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9 points

Found this beautiful macaw at my local zoo, beautiful colours and extremely friendly.

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8 points

Is anyone still playing Fruit Ninja

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10 points

Floral Arrangements

Preview 976a3cb0 d159 4fb7 aacf 63c7945b920a
12 points

My Dad took this photo on his lunchtime walk at work the other day. The last autumn leaves had fallen by the lake (Perth, Australia).

Preview 2b2118d5 478b 41f4 873d 8a0a18ce1838
15 points

I'm not a simple popcorn...I'm the evil popcorn

Preview 8b1c4fe9 4ba7 4d95 ad43 26d0660f31aa
13 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

Preview 2b19c5d3 dff7 4b88 a49a cf301783fe4a
50 points

I made this

Preview 8d0e2d11 0222 4070 bc5c 8d3a88f0a8af
13 points

The Devil's fungus lives up to it's name

Preview 8c081524 f96a 44fa 9cc6 3fa6e64a556d
14 points

This set of bowls and measuring cups.

Preview 51be0aac b55b 475f 83f3 7e2b7c2a8e6c
65 points

Hand-Made Marble

Preview a315b31b e050 41cd 99e1 346af6e91b79
10 points

A hand made glass marble.

Preview 10c80b96 9cab 4de3 a77e a9259c70302d
12 points

A beautiful hand made marble

Preview 2fb43f42 6ff4 4843 aa2f e4f9e203701c
11 points

Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

Preview f64d3c34 e480 42fd 8cc9 dc7a5cbe561f
10 points

Lovely cactus

Preview 187d81a8 104b 4246 b208 6c7c8dd6bcd8
8 points

Black dot upper left is Mercury passing infront of the Sun

Preview def9b127 e506 4e54 b6ac b8321b3d0e75
2 points


Preview e995c25c 5ef5 4566 8340 d0aaa0cf70eb

What a view

Preview 64b0b5d4 77c8 4fae b461 58c496d606bb
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