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Candy Assortment

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24 points

The Actual Tulip Season in the Netherlands

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18 points

This new box of pens at work.

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22 points

This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

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23 points

Blue-poppies at Mount Fuji, Japan.

Preview 36f31350 dc75 4cc0 804f 9e48cc59670f
19 points

Waited ages for this crab to come out of his shell. Not sure where else to post.

Preview bebd2aae b200 43de 8b1d a333bb0f2641
21 points

Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

Preview 9151f799 bbaf 4115 a2b0 386411bd25f8
84 points

Amethyst Starling

Preview 29e326b9 ba8f 4cf4 87d7 419507473dae
14 points


Preview 55a2a10e c663 498b 88e3 d2a204e453f9
14 points

Hump Nails

Preview e8800a4f bdf5 4716 badc a3b33e44d3bd
68 points

Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Arizona

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17 points

Gummy bears & m&ms!

Preview cf178afa 8e00 439d 99c9 9f77e425d336
16 points

Whole new level of Nope!!!

Preview a18a8de0 c094 48a0 aeae 6fc2828996c4
9 points

Dive bomb triple kill

Preview 5576611e 5517 49a6 859a 6aff46ead823
21 points

You can get every colour of flower in this park.

Preview 85f3cd16 b224 474e 89e9 dd06b2ce01b4
15 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

Preview f2c70060 e1df 4fe4 b309 786b25aed9b6
20 points

Blood vessels inside a human eye.

Preview 8a5576b4 9a5f 44e9 b559 c8fb5d283835
8 points

Looks like my next wallpaper

Preview 5235d27d 066c 4564 94b7 b6a1f27234f8
13 points

Bird made from old CDs

Preview bf559582 31af 4164 a236 4b7b3a79234f
13 points

Putting Water droplets on a CD and photographing it with a macro left me with this surreal shot

Preview aa0b25a2 cd8c 4c95 b5f4 c281d128b22a
16 points

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