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Greetings to all who kissed the cup yesterday

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250 points

how did i not notice this !

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144 points

Bodybuilding for singles

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45 points

I can't ever unsee it.

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105 points

When you’re the first one in to work, and you walk into a pristine bathroom

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131 points

Catholic devotees nailed to crosses on Good Friday in Philippines. Old Ruben here is on his 32nd year in a row.

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115 points

One of Japanese olympic mascot candidates 'Pentarous', representing modern pentathrope

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92 points


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113 points

The image that got me hooked on Reddit.

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105 points

Seven Years of Christmas Family Photos

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116 points

This tattoo just paid for itself

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152 points

If this doesn’t motivate you...

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109 points

They should make a movie

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110 points

Still no soul though

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106 points
Preview 506f1850 c8d9 45c8 bf0c 6c56df439a99
185 points

Bolo Yeung's nipples.

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108 points

Checks out

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138 points

How it feels to wrestle - Credit to Corey Tatum & SCI Night Two

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137 points

Greatest knockout artists.

Preview 65fe6d2c 5fbf 4535 b2bf ede2268a6498
102 points

Anderson Silva gives himself rabbit ears at UFC weigh-in

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