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151 points

be careful with your wishes

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157 points

I’m just gonna leave this here

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117 points

struggle is real

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110 points

not mine but had to share!

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185 points

:) how to win

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160 points

For all the White Knights working on their Covert Contracts

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253 points

College Math

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137 points

Photo taken during IRMA

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Andy I think I have a crush on my teacher

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166 points

Jurassic Park next to Parks & Rec on Netflix

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132 points

It was Thoth, the Egyptian god!

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125 points

Must have been before Geonosis

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198 points

This lil tub pineapple cottage cheese has survived 5 years in our work fridge without being thrown out! I take a picture with it every anniversary.

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166 points

Poor Brock..

Preview cfbcfa8c 5f73 4c8d 903e abbbcc48f79d
107 points

Oh, my lumbago!

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131 points

Being a High School match teacher.

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153 points

Fun for the whole family

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