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The key to happiness.....

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Ba dum tss...

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The jig is up

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Just Jesus getting his nails did.

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Did you know?

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No shit Sherlock

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Bruh. This just isn't right

Preview 2ba7c8c4 8b99 4d9b b5dd 6fda991f705f
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Wake and baked

Preview e79589f7 89b0 4c90 873d acdad949899d
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Remember Hey Arnold?! This is him now, feel old yet???

Preview cb2f1338 4d69 4fa2 ba5f b2bf9b047714

Troll level: godlike

Preview ffa53a00 723b 4d25 959b 1d0aced7757c
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10/10 would watch..!!

Preview bde6d6dd 4c62 4e16 a4a6 3fa31e1c9473
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When the friendzone hits you

Preview db97c723 646e 4c12 97ae 5603a0367e95
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When I have kids

Preview d3899b49 0aa8 4ba3 80a3 097c0e92760c
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The only character in the marvel comics who knows he is in a comic and he is a fictional character, Deadpool

Preview dfa19895 3265 4dfe 8706 9f36e8ea3c3c
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Them ninjas..

Preview e8b16f28 d4f6 4bd1 8cc2 152597cea1c6
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Classic: German parents being worried for nothing

Preview 7155516d 17fe 4a4e 8795 29672e5e9fea
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When your boss calls you with a work related question on your day off

Preview 65b99412 e438 4de1 94ae 7f5f1d38b527
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Preview 281919ef 82c0 42bb a24c fd84047839d6

Boob breath

Preview c2d420e7 46ac 4307 88eb 4ed8c28951f2
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The amazing sound GIFs

Preview f5c9a3e5 8116 408f 970a 8f93c93a058b
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