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This lil tub pineapple cottage cheese has survived 5 years in our work fridge without being thrown out! I take a picture with it every anniversary.

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121 points

Poor Brock..

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83 points

Oh, my lumbago!

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104 points

Being a High School match teacher.

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112 points

Fun for the whole family

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86 points

He's not wrong

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113 points

Every damn time

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91 points

We’re going to the Internet🤪

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74 points


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106 points

The overlooked princess

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78 points

how did i not notice this !

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124 points

I love you sleep....

Preview ebf2edb9 d8cc 4fc2 9ac4 a0b77d14de41
94 points

Not again...

Preview 3fc16df1 59bc 44f8 8906 2f53cc01b8ca
104 points

Reminder that on this day, 28 years ago, Jon Arbuckle drank dog semen

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76 points

If I could bill a doctor for every time they made me wait...I’d be rich

Preview 2b41ba29 4991 4afb 9f3a b28645a964e9
98 points

Essential Oils...

Preview 883d2b82 31ae 412a ac5a c862713e848f
77 points

I may never need to post again

Preview 27cbbc25 68a0 4c3a 8ae5 3e3153c6aad7
70 points

Hank might ejaculate.

Preview 27b60cc1 fd01 4928 9438 4cecc5090683
60 points

Midnight Motivation

Preview 7c1ff32f f8a6 4c58 8789 b3239191cc3c
77 points

When you go to the wrong convention.

Preview e1c84897 d9a8 4f27 b331 6552ac48af40
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