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A Rainy day in Ponto-chō, Kyoto, Japan.

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13 points

Well guy I think I f**ked the world up..

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23 points

Politician arrested in Brazil for corruption. This is what was in his apartment.

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74 points

The set from The IT Crowd

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21 points

Because fuck you and your allergies!

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95 points

Somehow I found this at a thrift store..

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82 points

Keep it Classy San Diego

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23 points

Tsukiji fish market Tokyo

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Found this cool bill floating around the internet. By artist Tazmatic instagram/FB @tazmatic618

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24 points

This sign

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19 points

This guy gets it...

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22 points

I walked through Barcelona and quickly snapped a picture in this small street

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19 points

The wrong fucking book store

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17 points

This store sells placenta

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88 points

Rest easy kitty

Preview 2e77c3e9 46e2 411d a65c 8618affb119d
16 points

The most welcoming sign I've ever seen

Preview 50cac220 283e 47ac a5b2 2b5da761a3c8

You wouldn't understand, it's fashion.

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20 points

Packing Heat

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11 points

As a Slav I prepared myself for the winter .

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Not mine.....

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