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Physics textbooks for the pre-literate

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10 points

Well, are they?

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7 points

Sex!!! Thank you

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12 points

Mimikyu has infiltrated the pack

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11 points

Where do you keep the black trench-coats?

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9 points

All to make the business go around huh...?

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Fook hing hell

Preview f0f29733 fe2d 4de0 9778 26042106c466

You are at the wong place

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11 points

What the actual fuck?????

Preview aec2d356 0847 4824 9e9a c4a01dbf5246
9 points

This is the apartment i had to deliver a fridge to

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17 points

Am I crazy or is this a bit rude to people with OCD?

Preview 42658753 efdf 4cbc 82e3 d0b1498731bb
19 points

Something about pumped up kicks?

Preview 42112238 426d 414c a06f 547dc5799389
16 points

Love the details

Preview 8d96814c 0acb 4860 bf6e 7c2504667611
13 points

To the guys with the 3kg and the 5kg cheese block. Here is my 15.33kg block.

Preview 5113516f 2543 4b2d a88c 9accb7b3d05d
4 points

How to protect your liquor store in Compton, CA

Preview a7c5306b 7aab 4552 b47f c6fdf83bc27e
16 points

Woman grocery shopping in Venezuela as the economic crisis continues.

Preview 1764c775 dc75 4362 a42a b6d8224db1ec
23 points

You guys ever see a bitcoin ATM?

Preview b868d3a1 062a 4ba8 9a76 198be410ba22
12 points

My spirit animal

Preview 40bc7497 c3de 4129 bb47 d18f15d3a2cb
4 points


Preview 0852e29a e5fc 43f4 a919 938af2a34e29
3 points

What a bargain!

Preview 7cbad8e3 024a 407e bb37 34c537c34cec
14 points

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