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The nerve on this b*tch

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14 points

Our hero

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15 points

The conspiracy theory about Tom Holland has been confirmed by the Spiderman himself.

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23 points


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10 points

Really Squigga?

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20 points

Stop letting the media control your outrage

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11 points

Ain't nobody get fries wi' dat

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15 points

Can you believe it?!

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16 points

Why would Jimmy Johns spend time, money and resources to print these and place them in their stores?

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10 points

The one and only Elon Musk

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17 points

I may not be a computer scientist, but I can tell the difference between a hard drive and a power supply

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18 points

So how much longer?

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12 points

Where's my money

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9 points

This show has great

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17 points

Stop letting the media control your outrage America

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14 points

Geriatric Burn

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9 points

When a friend tries to set you up

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11 points


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16 points

An astronaut hanging out at the space bar.

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22 points

You haven't eaten...

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