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Ghostbuster on his way to work.

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20 points

First time riding the NYC subway and it was not a forgettable experience

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24 points

Anyone up for covfefe?

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16 points

The prime minister of the Netherlands arriving on his job. #dutchthings

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Plane from the Consumer Electronic Show had so many electronics on it that it created a digital aurora on the flight.

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15 points

I'm doctor tough

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1 points

I went to Milan to create a frame for this photo. Live frame.

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18 points

Hello there...

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18 points

Hope she is on a UN flight

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203 points

Renaissance Ninja Artists....

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3 points

Next station the wall

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57 year old woman on drugs parked in Düsseldorf airport entrance, because she "needed to pee". She is now parked in a psychiatric hospital.

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97 points
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116 points

About life in Russia

Preview cf36a123 36da 4e7c 83c2 a46a811ef208

Caption this.

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5 points

Doggo wants to know

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223 points

Doesn't seem like the best place to do that

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292 points

Creativity level: infinity

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106 points

How many do you recognise?

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Therapy pet on my flight

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