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My car is very smooth takes corners like a beauty. very reliable and safe. its the grey one

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216 points

Girl gets hit in the face and transforms into an old man

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142 points

Perfect imagination

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162 points

Hockey stick looks like a selfie stick

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125 points

When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

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197 points

In 1979 Robin Williams became the first ever male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos football team.

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203 points

I accidentally sharted in Cancun billboard

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196 points

Cool....oh wait

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Japanese Air Force

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167 points

Sometimes Skip Leg Day

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169 points


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108 points

Has science gone too far?

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129 points

Where's Francis?!

Preview 3ea65a75 cb08 4d21 b10c ff1411a0208a
114 points

Estonia da best.

Preview 67f04765 1082 4e07 9c71 0fa28dca491d
118 points

Only 2 girls, as he can count only till 2

Preview ac53bebd ae1b 4e57 982d 04c8206a89f8
114 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

Preview 824dadc2 75fb 4174 ad04 80be90923956
126 points


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80 points
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Your people are taking MY horse bro!?

Preview 4bfe8f43 a88e 4721 a945 cdb81cd70a97
209 points

This guy slaps your girls butt, what do yo do?

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309 points

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