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bet you don’t got your PhD for that

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49 points

Wasting YouTube’s time

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55 points

I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy seals

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68 points

Star Wars envoked home recording studio. /Miami, Fl/

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107 points

Don’t get Terry started..

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102 points

The size of this moth

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80 points

If this doesn’t scream I need attention.

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you the future

Preview 132d288f 524f 40e9 b304 5e26179d93c6
121 points

"You can't just sit there playing that video game the rest of your life!" Challenge accepted

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94 points

And we peaked at fax machines, no?

Preview 5c1fc833 8cdf 4f09 9d11 a5d89bd68cd7
88 points

Had a little fun on the public chat on my flight

Preview af5b5fa9 1b65 4533 8e03 61538ef2c254
86 points

My wife gave me this Bob Ross book. This photo was inside.. ..

Preview f12c51bd 8db9 47f2 85aa 4f922833d6e6
67 points

Humanity, in all its glory

Preview 06f96ae5 8860 4cc9 95c6 79cc21f49005
82 points

New personal record!

Preview bad30f80 4b72 4adf 83db a8338070b4e7
82 points

May the 4th be with you

Preview a0fc4bd5 dbeb 4924 98a6 b46838b0ad86
73 points

When you have a big print job and your printer is cursed...

Preview 57debca2 b994 473c 8b4a 6767bb41f2e0

How the little brother names the Netflix

Preview a1ac3acc 930a 4d16 b537 70581562baa8
109 points

Get in

Preview 530f5ac9 c0ff 49a0 9ba2 06d82f5b2395
91 points

He keeps turning the PS4 off... -_-

Preview b48bea6d d8e6 4e7e b2e7 af5b3ba2f5af

Sadly it is true

Preview b4349da0 a25f 4325 8270 e5874d542b70
108 points

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