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My neighbor has this doormat, I think it is my responsibility to mess with them by making a planchette and changing the letter daily, and wonder if they notice!

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20 points

A classic.

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21 points

Literal Bat Phone.

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24 points

Apply cream to the affected area

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This music gave me chills for the first time and did it again

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It's just a prank

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65 points

Nicholas cage

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61 points

I'm an asshole to myself

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64 points

Unless someone noticed that you ain't blinking, you're in dreamland

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15 points

Roommate snapped this pic of a guy taking notes in class

Preview 3e3eb16d 8a2c 4e39 a251 58e2a9b44b29
80 points

I like venti asses and I cannot lie

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70 points

First paycheck from Youtube, goodbye poverty

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66 points

Big Time Hunter

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When you bought a PS4 instead of a Switch but still want to play Skyrim on the go

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52 points

I guess this guy has bigger dreams than being a pet.

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20 points

You know its gona be a good conversation.. when it hits green

Preview d04c85fd 98a4 4a5e bfdd 9bae349dc3fd
20 points

Holy plumbus, your sister, Morty!

Preview af3b22e1 9b1f 43fa 90cc 5fbc45a5aa6a
24 points

LOL oh gas station your loneliness makes me laugh

Preview bbb69ea5 a61c 435d ae33 43706c30035a

My dad the artist. Going through a midlife crisis after a rough year and divorce, he decided to switch things up with his painting style. I love it.

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62 points

Look at this photograph

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