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When you're too lazy to make a new catalog number and a new UPC code.

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School is taking submissions on a name change.

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79 points

Im a law breaker

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89 points

How to stop anyone from knocking at your door

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101 points

What if we weren’t home?

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Glad to know it enjoys it

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74 points

The joy of scotch

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64 points

Mouse hunter floof. Aaaaand I’m not getting work done now.

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Amazon users reviews keyboard!

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55 points

Apparently my typing hand is a perfect pillow. The joys of working from home!

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And Apple comes full circle

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53 points

Her new favorite place to rest

Preview a7839699 508b 4717 88dc 999af31d2a7d

Reddit got their new servers in.

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23 points

Some say it doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

Preview fa85d1f9 212b 4f58 ba52 f566627d03a2

Gaming on a Mac

Preview 64e757d3 379c 484c b3c7 4e1e32693414

I love adblock

Preview 7f1494e1 cbd2 450d 8ba4 8a81cacdf651
21 points

Sometimes it's the little things at work that make it all bearable.

Preview bcf9d405 32f1 4094 b962 3851aaba5b78
61 points

I need this, because reasons

Preview ec0f952d 26de 4de7 842b a0129fa6ca94
50 points

My friend with “piss poor” timing snapped this gem yesterday.

Preview 96db7a37 48bf 4053 a76f 2d109d8a8eef
20 points

Oh a Home Alone Marathon.

Preview 66bf18b8 8258 4818 baa0 971c9ddb788f

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