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No thanks, I don't think I'm in the mood for that right now..

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Just got a new printer at work, didn’t want to let the opportunity pass me by...

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My cat decided he wanted to sit in my bookshelf, he proceeded to remove some books to get the perfect spot.

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Grandma knows best

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The last of my childless friends from college had their first baby recently. They're being adequately initiated.

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We bought 2 things at CVS

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Home tab at it again...

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Apparently loading a stapler is too hard for medical professionals

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"We need to show we're sponsored by FedEx." "No prob. I'll grab something off the Internet." -- Seen at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok

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97 points

When a family argument gets out of hand

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87 points

Hamster and sickle

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Almost choked on my gum when I looked up at saw this above the toilet at my work.

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49 points

Close enough!

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10 out of 10

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Violets are tender

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How do you even get that title?

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Seattle to Portland bound train and we just hit a car. Driver got out in time thankfully but we’re gonna be here for a while.

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58 points

Perfect Timing in Plague Inc.

Preview 25c4cbc2 5f6f 45b1 9d75 a8be6f90d669

When that co-worker you always eat lunch with is sick...

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