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WTF Canada?!

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11 points

Surprised by putin

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System Infiltrated

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6 points

What a great f**king idea

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10 points

Why are there so many stock photos of people shooting their computers?

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74 points

Get your shit tgt Jeremy

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I also hate when that happens

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91 points

Accurate Review

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72 points

Anyone who can relate

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1 points

Describe your post...

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1 points

Trumps Education reform in the works

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1 points

I'd know it

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5 points

I was bored during class and painted along with Bob Ross using MS paint.

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2 points

My cousin asked if I can take him to a doctor for a consultation. Waiting at the lobby and noticed this.....um what?

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81 points

But why were you on the dark web?

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First gaming PC build complete!

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