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Some men just want to see the world burn!

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18 points

American education in a nutshell

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15 points

Female Daniel Radcliffe

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11 points

Every daamn time....

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10 points

True dat

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When programming twists you!

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13 points

What? I'm adopted?

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12 points

Finally we know the reason

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22 points

Roses are red and I got numbness in legs

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15 points

It's the universal truth

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Got bamboozled at work today...

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One more time, please.

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I was flipping around some of my country's news channels and found one where they're literally broadcasting the news by reading local newspapers.

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12 points

I became an uncle 2 months ago. Here's my brother trying his very hardest at parenting.

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6 points

An astronaut hanging out at the space bar.

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4:44 Is that the average CS:GO player?

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Seriously guys. Grow up.

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