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Oh god not the duck

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11 points

Good point. Lol

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The more you know...

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Oh Canada...

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Ironically, I am enrolling into the Police Academy next year, which wouldn't have been possible without her help. Funny how things turn out!

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7 points

I don't know if really happened but:

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I'll have II number IX's, number IX large, a number VI with extra dip, a number VII, II number XLV's, I with cheese, and a large soda

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10 points

The local movie theater knows what's up

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11 points

Equality or spite and intellectual laziness?

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5 points

April fool's lmao

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95 points

Kinda stupid

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Lawyers working against Buzzfeed in a lawsuit decided to take some mocking liberties in the title of their filings.

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Somebody made this awesome pixar movie mock concept. Its EPIC

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Lovely Tinder review

Preview 2952f49e e76c 48c8 aca0 62f2e1bcda6a

I've got a confession to make

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2 points

Acceptance and regret

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How can we see when our eyes aren't real?

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Oh sweet sweet karma how I have missed your embrace

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Just so you know

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280 points

So many times..

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