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Thumb tacks are hard to use

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11 points

Mind blown

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16 points

This actual New York Times article from 1882

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What do you guys think?

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23 points

People are mad!

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23 points

Legal conditions of an astronomy app

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15 points

Every damn time.

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15 points

Bringing being tired to the first level

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19 points

Nikola Tesla predicted cellphones/smartphones in 1926. He was in 2010, while others were beating their wives senseless.

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17 points

Mistakes were made

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17 points

C'est une f**king pomme monsieur

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Yaaa worth it

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17 points

Gotta confuse the recipe, right babe?

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11 points

I think its true...

Preview 25af0276 7cbf 4439 9cde d69b9da05c1c

Amazon Review of Pet Costume

Preview f0c18e2c 3cc9 4930 9354 7372a0a769a4

So this is what the founder of 9GAG looks like..

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13 points

Mistakes were made

Preview 5052cc37 b627 47bd 990a eeeb86eb15df

Your daily dose of puns

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18 points

For F**k sakes Susan

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14 points


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