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Quiet as a mouse

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“It just works.” - Apple

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18 points

My elderly resident couldn't remember where she put her tv remote, here's where I found it

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22 points

This has so much potential

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19 points

It's really that worth?

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19 points

The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

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15 points

The more you know

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12 points

“It just works.” - Apple

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16 points

My dad still uses a Motorola RAZR cellphone that was mine in high school 11 years ago.

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22 points

Was can I find this garlic bread quiz?

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1 points

The nostalgia won't last long

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1 points

Be careful who you call ugly in middle school

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1 points

Deathtrap - Explanation below...

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4 points

Oh the irony....

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14 points

Finally we know the reason

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24 points

The pun is too much...

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16 points


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16 points

How churches are located in Tampere, Finland

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When you have eliminated the unfunny, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the joke.

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5 points

I loved playing snake

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