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I loved playing snake

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IT help desk "punisher"

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12 points

Leaked photo of the Chainsmokers production studio

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Another level

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My hotel shower lets you choose the exact temperature of your water

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These cables.

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How churches are located in Tampere, Finland

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Write something with "coronum cortex" above.

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This is the Internet, Jen

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Just bought this for only 60 euros. Wireless extension cord for over 200 meter

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Describe your post...

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My friend didn't know what one of his cards meant, so he looked it up...

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7 points

After three year I discovered that my keyboard has a cleaning brush hidden at the bottom. Finally an easy way to clean between buttons.

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1 points

Cable management done right

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The safe word is "404"

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207 points

Trust me, I'm an engineer

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Just started watching Sherlock

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