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Crisp & modern refurbished barn kitchen in Sweeden

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59 points

Thin people only

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86 points

Kitchen and dining area in a stunning, open space framed by natural wooden beams and joists in this home in Tomelilla, Sweden

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69 points

These window washers in Mexico City

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Preview 92d48a18 722c 4b64 b9e9 8222041ffb14
97 points

saw this in Liverpool, UK

Preview 371ca3bb c79f 4db2 b8be d760c580f469
87 points

I really hope they let us choose this......

Preview 677b7b27 2440 4317 a00d 924e64094a15
101 points

Chinese High Rise Made of Sawdust

6 points

What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

Preview dcb91e3f 7f51 4f70 bc19 7e36415bf5f0
85 points

This sun giving a shoulder rub to this navy officer.

Preview c05fcfad 5412 49ef b42e c7753c0793f7
96 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

Preview 5542b1fc 8d78 413c b065 1e8467861397
96 points

Can we have some railings here please?

Preview fe7afbb3 32bb 4bd8 b2d5 a33e09166479

When your neighbours start talking about you.

Preview e277fea6 d049 4aa0 83ef 14b9c03f8d0e
61 points

BW Architects re-design an 1840′s Greenwich village townhouse in NYC

Preview 4d981bdd 3a48 4b08 89e9 47062f459dda
48 points

How does this even happen??

Preview ed8b94bb f441 474a 8365 5e5fac8d8d5f
46 points

When your neighbours start talking about you.

Preview 61aa7eb3 e52b 4615 90df 18be73be6e92
126 points



Noooo please don't

Preview 95b48bbe af6e 4a85 b3eb 1a149b27fe29
41 points

Scaffolding in the 1950s and 1960s


We had a sudden burst of rain.

Preview abd600a6 ffe8 40d4 902a a23d29cd0c1c
79 points

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