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Noooo please don't

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19 points

We had a sudden burst of rain.

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21 points

A little foliage at Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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12 points

Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

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84 points

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

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13 points

Me on the 40 footer at work.

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Tons of stacked power lines in Bangkok

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2 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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20 points

'I'm watching you.'

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11 points

It's safe to say OSHA doesn't exist here

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18 points

Construction worker lands brutal uppercut


An excavator elevator

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3 points

My firefighter buddy took this shot from the bottom of a fire truck ladder.

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19 points

This is why men die before women

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92 points

I took this...

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5 points

See How This 3D Printed House Is Built In Only 24 Hours - And Yes It's Fully Functional

206 points

Trust me I an architect

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236 points

Lapland retreat

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91 points

Legend says it still has full battery

Preview 14714bde 4cd9 45f7 a12e 3b4656c3ff64
243 points

Having just learned how to drive manual, this is what every uphill feels like to me

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