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For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

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78 points

I shaved my ARMS for THIS!?

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81 points

1, 2, 3 look at me

Preview ade12939 9065 4f0e 843f 2b6e3aebec1c
107 points

Parents: "When you will finally have you own child". Me:...

Preview 1f77a2ff 5e76 4fa7 847a a832087a6ca5
59 points

When your understanding of history is not so great...

Preview 6e2c1686 0c55 43ad 87a5 f35523bd352a
91 points

Me and a guy I met at a party wore the same mismatched socks

Preview 75e1819f 4660 49dc 9ab5 765db7616cb7
67 points

An uncomfortably lifelike doll

Preview 7b272cd3 80d8 4f34 987c a6aa8c23a12e
38 points

An Irish hurlers teeth being knocked out

Preview 540b17a6 41ab 4ffe 8583 661f0a8a0821

When you need more eyes for Izanagi

Preview 3ef57da8 d318 41d3 8931 eb7420d69d80
101 points

Another Fox Disney Princess

Preview 3b7cf156 92f6 4224 8c3d 5865f97e6691
102 points

My ego feels under-inflated

Preview 741ec6dc 66e9 4ecd b619 dd26389cfc71
101 points

"The camera never lies and Photoshop never tells the truth"

Preview 8121078d c7fb 4686 a5c2 6ed58c5a46a3
126 points

Thats what I call perfect

Preview 8995f15d d786 4213 9969 b11968d67033
107 points

When you're an american businessman

Preview 014418cc 5909 412b ab56 5ac614db36fe
112 points

The Truth About Us

Preview 3348fa4e 8c6b 4833 955e fb54728f55a9
107 points

Girls in black burqa look cute...

Preview 704ab514 558a 43b9 a7e6 a9ede5d43ccd
101 points

So this person exists...

Preview 4d26bac6 6851 4239 9cdb 883eb5f3f9d1
102 points

Porn logic

Preview 3170296f b8cd 44cc 998a d44d9c41e2da
106 points


Preview fa796762 c859 4d54 bcb6 960d92a80510
190 points

You are fukin gay

Preview 7feda9cc 3c5c 49c8 a85f 9cf66a086fcd
102 points

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