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True at times

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102 points

Infinity wars is the greatest crossover of all ti....

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99 points

My bread dough looks like that kid from Stranger Things!

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96 points

For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

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93 points

Fetus Earrings

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256 points

I shaved my ARMS for THIS!?

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100 points

1, 2, 3 look at me

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130 points

Parents: "When you will finally have you own child". Me:...

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74 points

When your understanding of history is not so great...

Preview 6e2c1686 0c55 43ad 87a5 f35523bd352a
95 points

Me and a guy I met at a party wore the same mismatched socks

Preview 75e1819f 4660 49dc 9ab5 765db7616cb7
77 points

An uncomfortably lifelike doll

Preview 7b272cd3 80d8 4f34 987c a6aa8c23a12e
49 points

An Irish hurlers teeth being knocked out

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When you need more eyes for Izanagi

Preview 3ef57da8 d318 41d3 8931 eb7420d69d80
111 points

Another Fox Disney Princess

Preview 3b7cf156 92f6 4224 8c3d 5865f97e6691
111 points

I'm notorious in my D&D group for my horrible rolls. Gimping my character. Endangering my group. Yesterday, my Dungeon Master gifted me this shirt.

Preview b2f60dc9 5ad9 49e2 9618 c5049b616e13
121 points

My ego feels under-inflated

Preview 741ec6dc 66e9 4ecd b619 dd26389cfc71
107 points

"The camera never lies and Photoshop never tells the truth"

Preview 8121078d c7fb 4686 a5c2 6ed58c5a46a3
132 points

Thats what I call perfect

Preview 8995f15d d786 4213 9969 b11968d67033
111 points

My sister made that for my 25th birthday. (said: you know whats better then 24?)

Preview 39841009 a05f 4d24 9d12 023a1df818c4
105 points

The X-ray machine at my hospital looks rather terrified

Preview 28703f47 37dd 46e9 86a4 55ac66cd48a2
113 points

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