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Achilles!! Your cousin plan has done bamboozled all of greece!

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17 points


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24 points

Found my cat drunk af!

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15 points

Philosophy humor

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16 points

May I introduce you to my religion?

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22 points

*grabs popcorn*

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The answer to all of your problems

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24 points

Well, cheers!

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59 points

World's first working nuclear power plant started in 1951. It could illuminate four 200 watt light bulbs, making it the first nuclear reacto

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33 points

Bon apple teeth

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22 points

Rock Lee’s hair spells “NINJA”

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23 points

He's not allowed within 300 meters of a school of fish

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17 points

The fellas know the struggle..

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93 points

Mr Demotivator

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59 points

Two types of whamen

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65 points


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62 points

Am I doe?

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63 points

My wifes beer she almost drank

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45 points

Irmagerd, please.....

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