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You have an ENTIRE HOUSE to go find yourself a spot so that you can get sick...

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I must have missed this one in the library.

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22 points

KFC’s apology in the Sun newspaper today.

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23 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

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65 points

I'm there!

Preview c98a7188 2f73 42be 88ac 499db70ca341
53 points

Stanford Prison Experiment

Preview e9a21102 2ddb 43f3 bb3e 04ba9790d33c
13 points

This kids got a bright future.

Preview 25746a56 28d6 49aa b851 6725deea0254
49 points

Do You Want to Play With My Balls?

Preview eccc171b a1dd 4c1c a9c8 e10cd6a0dd8c
39 points

You and I both?

Preview 23696a2d 3235 4a8d a0b6 491f167ef599
83 points

Baby cages

Preview 28d4c4c4 3766 411f 9057 845a0931f5b6

My boss’s coffee mug

Preview 4d941eba d34f 4baa bd75 8be502396985
74 points

I accidentally melted a bottle of honey and now it looks like the inbred cousin

Preview bb9848f7 3068 4e43 a11f c44ba7a06429
101 points

Well then.

Preview 0b70ea05 6c49 426c 9966 49e49724cd6e
88 points

Got this in the mail today

Preview be6c8176 a99c 4a96 9040 20f633f96fa6
98 points

The resemblance is uncanny.

Preview c1f1fc34 2005 422f ab3c 152341a4be6b
91 points

Was searching Amazon for 99% isopropyl alcohol and this popped up. 100% Grain Alcohol AKA Moonshine. WTF?

Preview ace0fca4 f1fa 4e0b aa3c 4e6aed471ff7
74 points

Life's hard

Preview 2f875b55 5b3b 4ef1 b244 2b94f8bb2265
84 points

I'll never be that cool

Preview e013d314 8a0c 48c0 973b be0966768fbd
92 points

Gun Nuts

Preview 1ff297ec 7ce1 4408 b62d ae55dc765017
107 points

I'd rather not

Preview b0cba1f5 4eba 4210 b737 3304265527f1
91 points

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