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Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

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5 points

The Last Supper.

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33 points

Me every week.

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32 points

This Elmo arrived in the mail like someone in the Sesame Street mafia was trying to send a message...

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64 points


Preview e51fb11d 4c0b 4262 8f53 c4e47f581a21
56 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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22 points

Reconsider allowing friends to label your boxes.

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37 points

Waiting for me on the nightstand when I came home for Christmas. Mother knows best.

Preview f8c5d906 7187 43a3 9ab4 adb3d2e08410
16 points

17th century assassins poison cabinets desguised as books

Preview 4ba5f87d cba2 4711 bc92 11fc4991bef4
45 points

These boxes are dropping a sick beat for me

Preview f7fe2640 93eb 467f 86c4 7497db28d71d
19 points

On a vending machine at my college today. Someone isn't satisfied with their higher education.

Preview c847e9e9 68d1 474b aeeb 192f6b634aa7
46 points

This pizza place has the best tip jars

Preview 14d6e1e0 e47b 4840 9210 ae6bbf75ffde
24 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

Preview c61401a0 97ee 4d91 990f 4e897737ba8b
15 points

Human you must stop study and pay me attention!

Preview 4f2de48b c38f 4356 901f fe8ea79bf9f7

Don't forget to wash your vegetables...

Preview 076ab8ed 0062 4770 bfb0 ed19cca6cf4c
14 points

Meanwhile, in Saigon...

Preview 7a8870ee 2512 4cb6 a017 2e8015be7ee6
15 points

My neighbor:passive aggressive or just aggressive?

Preview e0dea8ea 56d8 4d2a a5d6 75ad568359a6
18 points

All of this waste for 6 strawberries

Preview 50669792 bb32 48ba b512 4beb9faac9f1
21 points

Middle Child, the soap edition

Preview df35c91d f677 4b3f b42b 4d48b4487f39
18 points

Looked in my Grandparents Liquor Cabinet...

Preview 2aca40a5 6a60 4a0d b7a2 056f1469d237
19 points

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