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This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

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11 points

Heavy metallic liquid I found hidden under a bush in the Arizona desert

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14 points

I think pikachu has autism

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6 points

Caught someone trying to illegally set off the fire alarm.

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75 points

The Law Of Cats

Preview 50b2b278 4d26 48a5 ac6d e34efc7a4d7a
9 points

He doesn't enjoy just any cardboard box, only boxes which contained £40 cat towers for him to ignore...

Preview 6674dea4 2cb5 453a bf02 0d4969256885

Real life Krusty Krubb!

Preview 83899dfe 4771 43e6 ad19 b222d2ba6466
53 points

Painted my new phone cover to reseble an old book

Preview 4281a72c aa75 4aa6 950a 11df2afd970b
15 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

Preview ec01c36f eb8f 4ca2 9cd7 7aa0f36079a8
50 points

Your move, Schrödinger.

Preview 8b682a0f 5997 408d b1bd c3fd165fe470
10 points

The hunter stalks her prey

Preview 73ae9583 96af 47e4 9a0d 5fde04334c3c
11 points

F*cking vegans

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12 points

My grandpa makes custom labels for air fresheners and sells them for $6 a can.

Preview 8bd315d8 881f 4d8b a915 893458618e31
8 points

My husbands a plumber and this was one of his calls today for a "small leak"

Preview ec1597ed 8699 40d1 9167 1f01cb70c554
10 points

Just wasn't the same...

Preview a4e54aa4 d0ae 46a0 add4 b08bab700720
14 points

Found this in a museum - KKK laxative

Preview 3a9726cf 6f89 42e6 bee8 e6aa002189cc
8 points

Sweet note at our Westminster, Colorado dog park. Duke died on Friday and willed his tennis ball collection to the dogs at the park.

Preview b2e7786b 8391 4c62 9b6c d08f4aac2da9
14 points

Meals ready to eat.

Preview 70a8f4eb a224 4f07 93c5 211bed72a16f
13 points

Just wasn't the same...

Preview 67ee7cee b470 44d8 85a3 32dc4a1e8fb2
62 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

Preview 89aa40d1 e046 4776 842e ab8a1d2f52fd
70 points

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