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I can see it, coming in the air tonight, oh Lord....

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149 points

We keep the extra pillow in this box. He likes to sleep in there, but yesterday he somehow managed to get stuck

Preview 85915d5a 18ff 4096 b5d6 98ad440f6fc9
114 points

Leave it

Preview eaa5d98f 797d 4fd6 98e1 ed84288caa97
131 points

Seat Message.

Preview 65666de8 ec11 41ae ad56 9230191d7d96
145 points

Mama needs

Preview 4f09d299 cd5c 406b 97dd efca37bf39fd
223 points

Cat & Food - It’s Cat Food!

Preview 330b7068 d7d7 410a 90b5 276f71498a6e

Wife left me with three kids for the weekend... so this is how we welcome her home at the airport!

Preview 5417f948 810a 4061 91d3 42b8069c757e
186 points

We Are One

Preview 7451c0cd c9c5 4c64 a9c3 f0b32924921e
114 points

Is this a new innuendo?

Preview ed546fc1 ef66 42f8 9986 dba1818872cc
241 points

It always happen

Preview 26ea639b 8764 406f b747 85a56338d9ab
161 points

Creative? Yes Drunk? Also, yes

Preview da50b611 a3d8 44a4 b09f 11d2e7628892
140 points

I saw this in my “hip ‘n happening” neighbors bathroom during our annual garage crawl last weekend.

Preview a1daf4a1 9435 48b9 b551 d4f49a860045
190 points

Sweaty but tasty palm

Preview 2e60dc16 fc3e 480a 90ec 307a720fba45

What could he possibly need that many Oreos for?

Preview 985f8d02 07ec 4b0a 96a6 68be722bdfc5
176 points

Savage mode activated.

Preview 568a7876 ff44 4d02 8d7c 464f7b6bbad3
146 points

Found the perfect tent

Preview 3e518f02 e57e 4880 b994 d5eca7b19192
115 points

Italian Table Soccer

Preview cdb24380 b2f6 469a b31e 310db8f5d709
116 points

Meat not meth taken in mt. Home Arkansas of all places.

Preview c6cbaccf e493 4e39 b6dc 6dea4cee8740
201 points

Realistic Foosball table.

Preview 318f6200 aaa2 4bab 9a5d 51381fc9ceda
156 points

The best Santa

Preview 3fbad822 3a92 4c44 ab65 6ea57ee823e0
135 points

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