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See the broken glass on top of the fridge? Guess where the extra coffee pot used to be.

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This sign on a vending machine at my work

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61 points


Preview d7815f2f ad5a 47cc 80c6 4c05f82ab4dc
107 points

Stupid bumper sticker.

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122 points

Want sweets?

Preview 52129ecc 6830 4c5a 9fae 1c874cd794c7
138 points

Ridein solo

Preview 79958796 0ba4 4499 aeb6 93449bfed563
110 points

Saw this today and just about died

Preview 63c140c2 076d 4d84 ab06 37666a002ee3
127 points

Macaque pillaging a trash can

Preview c5212c9d f9b0 4263 a5e3 b5f44714139f
143 points

Convert an abandoned pay phone into a bread box in 1 easy step: shove it full of bread.

Preview 89e263e2 38e4 4919 bafb 6c52d4e2eb66
132 points

"2018 Patriotism" - my friends answer when I asked what this was

Preview 7ccb587c 92a3 4714 8a70 70792038352c
117 points

Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

Preview f0807ab8 cb8d 4f2d aa2e 1459ecee97c3
117 points

Well, there's your problem...

Preview c81f83cd 3087 4de9 a191 107e85b6400c
142 points

Ordered a lens on eBay. Seller forgot to send the lens hood with it and sent it out separately. Sent me a note and a packet of crisps. What a legend!

Preview 8f9213ad ea2f 469e aa71 3208bff46574
138 points

Today was my last day at work, so I bought the team a cake

Preview 4d6a27a3 8ad8 4d03 a839 211e2a375788
130 points

You just painted this? It would be a shame if someone shat on it

Preview 11e749de 98c6 4193 89a1 c3480a048297

Anyone remember Lamas with Hats?

Preview 6e1f5fd7 2c2f 4240 8c23 b61898b170fc
130 points

Optimism vs Pessimism.

Preview 61bce361 2b43 4d11 a469 4d3b918c9322
77 points

Got this on the bottom of a receipt today.

Preview 0564ce16 78bf 464b b9a6 078ee27f87f7
123 points

I hope you giggle as much as I did

Preview 254171f2 1ab9 4e72 b6d9 b1e99e1d999d
78 points

Jack on Pepper Jack

Preview da21e1b5 d0a0 402c b6f5 b850e3069525
86 points

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