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Always cite your sources

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22 points

Dumb ways to die. so many dumb ways to die...

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Well shit happens

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Left handed people

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Oh dear, dad tried to print a video....

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13 points

My Pantry

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The perfect vodka doesn't ex...

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If Lays made beer

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10 points

It has begun

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14 points

My aunt offered us some popcorn but I think it might be a bit old

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18 points

7th-3rd century B.C Peruvian storage jar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC - PROOF OF TIME TRAVEL

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14 points

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma in an easy-to-open can.

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16 points

This bottle of Magic Soap

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18 points

Monsanto sued california for trying to warn people their products cause cancer

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9 points

Oil World

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19 points

Good job, mate.

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18 points

At least you tried

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All these bathroom posts have inspired me. I visited lovely Lynnwood, WA

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My fathersday gift, what do you think?

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This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

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