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These beautifully connected tiles

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15 points

Minimalistic bathroom in Manhattan overlooking Brooklyn

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18 points

This table and chairs at an ice cream shop.

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16 points

Spanish Designer Builds A Secret Studio Beneath A Busy Bridge In Valencia

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14 points

Bright, elegant breakfast nook with built-in bookshelves in this home located in Chicago, Illinois.

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11 points

Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick in Shanghai

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11 points

Open air atrium surrounded by living and dining areas in Pasadena home

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11 points

Spectacular view on a modern and organic sanctuary, Hampton Bays, Nueva York

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128 points

Attic bedroom makes the most of its design to capture light in this apartment in Sopot, Poland.

Preview 82397c8a b7f8 400e a324 5fef590fb6f3
158 points

Bring the Seating Together, Beautiful Livingroom in Maxico

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13 points

Casual friday

Preview ad975a01 0835 42de 9fc7 22b710bc6c76
19 points

Living room with a pond, located in Athens, Greece

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16 points

Loft in Former Industrial Building, Chelsea, New York

Preview c1d60f37 4eb3 44d3 b741 3d53e1ac489a
12 points

This is the first time I see things like this

Preview dcbc811b 8224 4d97 8c4c 75fc83f73a5f
12 points

Second level space in a two-floor apartment in Meguro, Tokyo

Preview d81aaa01 d2d9 4893 847b 81c2f52ff252
9 points

Emergency exit

Preview 2a64dda1 0fba 4a29 bbad 9544b8a0a790
9 points

"I socially identify myself as a suitcase"

Preview cf2c5670 8a38 4793 bf8c f087590fadfd
13 points

Living room Lounge in our new home. Norway

Preview 8bab234e a73d 48bd 8020 9d16e60531d9
10 points

Tall living room with a library balcony in a restored home outside of Paris

Preview 07ae1c0d 8bfa 43b0 9f57 70a0b5c259e0
12 points

Open kitchen in Hamptons home

Preview 2d3d14e3 ce8f 49fa 8443 0d76a545bee7
17 points

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