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That's a strange place for a mirror.

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9 points

Water bubble inside of a wall

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13 points

Open airy apartment in Stockholm

Preview 0e4c26db 1744 4c67 8b4d 708741e2ea66
10 points

Black kitchen with concrete countertops and an industrial skylight/window in the Balham neighborhood of London.

Preview 185aeebb 33a4 4659 9abd a0b4557d8ef5
23 points

Modern Interior Design kitchen

Preview 4b0fe811 c047 4bbe 8161 e4fcc9c7d94a
9 points

Stupidity gone to far ....

Preview d46cac3c fc53 4835 97e8 167f1a8bb8ae
8 points

NUKE THE F**KING WESTERN SPY , PUTIN , by the power of cheeky breeky

Preview ff8ecbd8 9e2a 4c2f 94b8 80d9e21ef10c
9 points

Open living space with views of the redwoods in Ross, CA

Preview 4779e8b0 62e6 425a a9e4 130aa4007b23
9 points

Take me there

Preview 40a7e3cc 62ff 4fb6 985b 6f16600ad92c
13 points

The left door perfecly describes the right door's condition.

Preview 8f711581 2eb2 4cb8 94c7 ff91d4c884b9
12 points

A large shower and bathtub with mountain views in Aspen, CO.

Preview 05f9c9d6 c748 466c 965f b1791496fb2d
8 points

Luxury dining room

Preview cb38b050 672a 4e52 888a e4b8c0848400
6 points

I like traffic lights

Preview a3937277 733b 48c9 a7e3 a90e93352ebc
12 points

Royal drawing room

Preview 1fb1dd44 7a54 4d2e bcc3 3458ed8e2a2f
12 points

Dinosaur Detector

Preview 10841647 08a9 4e5e b7e4 ddc689946687
14 points

I hand forged a steel sailing ship for a gallery

Preview bd3e742a 8624 4a29 b150 4dad7151300f
12 points

You wouldn't believe it but this table was wooden before discount

Preview f238ac7c 0527 4160 813e c51a7e760b19
14 points

Germanball iz maniac

Preview b0a62af6 00ef 4d0b 8291 3c609973c000

Rarepuppers told me my kitchen was roomporn

Preview 8b7004f7 4d44 4a09 b488 85e1acf87206
62 points

Stretching interior pool with beautiful natural light and hardwood ceilings

Preview 86dacdb2 7cb8 4939 af9f d55af857d1f8
55 points

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