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Lake house kitchen remodel in Vermont

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23 points

Penthouse in Miami, Florida.

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19 points

This is a new prison and a prison cell, in Denmark.. Looks more like a hotel

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16 points

the guardians to the gates of hell

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10 points

Grace Santorini Hotel, Imerovigli, Greece

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18 points

The left door perfectly describes the right door’s condition.

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57 points

How? Also, Why?

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19 points

World's narrowest house , Warsaw, Poland

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19 points

Open living space with panoramic views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in Tiburon, CA.

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21 points

Passive house in Vermont

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18 points

They have good movie taste at least

Preview b78d0dce a6e2 4a58 8636 410353044e2e

Exquisite contemporary waterfront home with dramatic coastal views in West Vancouver, Canada

Preview 863869b6 1212 49a6 a79f ddfe0771bad8
11 points

Massive open concept living space

Preview e6649191 7e9a 4e38 b5a0 03ab607630fe
19 points

Eclectic Kitchen

Preview 4521f1e4 57d9 4b27 8625 2ded8289dc9b
15 points

Riad Idra in Marrakech

Preview 22648862 e8cc 4252 822d 0b8283b6dc26
74 points

Loft in Oslo, Norway.

Preview 287036cc 4e84 4675 b7d6 5f216375d566
15 points

Traditional Andalusian architecture with relaxing spaces in Cadiz, Spain

Preview 64a996cb c7f7 48b0 a499 02c21497fedd
12 points

A room in Mexico City, Mexico.

Preview e9693403 9eae 4505 9d7c feedcc755521
15 points

Rear pavilion extension to a suburban bungalow with a twisted roof window, Castle Cove, North Shore, Sydney, Australia

Preview 9c2ecdc8 c9d4 4c77 a934 c0f870d3b0e9
16 points

This desktop....

Preview 51d9f0a1 5069 4592 898f 8d2263bb4aa6
68 points

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