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Shaker kitchen with panoramic bifold windows

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81 points

Warm industrial loft in Santa Monica, CA

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83 points

Sitting room and kitchen of Surrey home, England

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95 points

Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

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86 points

Mid-Century inspired house in Palm Springs, CA, by Scrafano Architects

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80 points

Beautiful new construction house in Atherton, Ca

Preview 6907e8ca 1f82 450c 84f0 ecccd2c9ba05
90 points

Incredible penthouse overlooking downtown Beirut, Lebanon

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94 points

The living room of a $45m home in San Diego

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116 points

Beautiful Design & Decoration

Preview d04ed180 25ea 4551 91bb 71aa4da4b83b
111 points

Bedroom with vaulted ceilings in a Utah home.

Preview 9a4dd510 5e4a 4f81 9fbc 93e03d5aff6e
84 points

Bookshelf-lined apartment in Shanghai

Preview 018382eb 818d 43e6 816d e68003447239
82 points

Double-height living area with central fireplace and exposed beams and joists in this home located on Lake Martin, Alabama.

Preview 167b00d4 71fa 47ac a24d a9e4ad786194
87 points

Serene Tea Room in China

Preview c9294321 ea74 4201 8365 a9f06cfe7b56
69 points

Modern kitchen with a touch of concrete

Preview cc5ebda4 a05a 4299 b6b3 84d064413393
82 points

This is what happens in my hometown when you don't leave the faucet trickling in the winter. Pipes bursting in Watertown, NY.

Preview a975d67f 05ce 4a13 a304 2773f7fa88d7
106 points

So today when the wife texts me: “The cat has a mouse cornered in our room” this was not the corner I expected.

Preview 69ac6b72 4797 4b78 b2b7 1b4e7f2e8c62
76 points

My husbands boss' kitchen and living room view of Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA

Preview 31cd6e95 b653 4f7c a6b2 a30233301b63
69 points

Told my 3 and 4 yr olds to put the toilet paper under the sink... must be more specific next time

Preview a0649cbd 907d 44ac 8132 3deb79b11516
110 points

Underwater Suite at the Atlantis, Dubai

Preview 900587c7 f3af 4ce4 80e7 74b2a73fdafa
71 points

Livingroom of a NYC brownstone

Preview 4e2cce4d ecbc 4784 b736 d6572643d4cf
54 points

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