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Bubble Glasses

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Ready for the party!

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Greeted by this fella on the drive to work.

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62 points

We Can't Forget: Mr Moose-Knuckle Christie, posing

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84 points

I am Goose, Destroyer of Worlds.

Preview c46aa572 2384 4cf6 8e34 a3b522c67c2e

Solid strategy

Preview 1ab527b2 53af 4d9d ae81 a4b99e31d2eb
85 points

Taking a fastball right to the junk

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Important conference call went down in the South Carolina dugout today

Preview fe35d77d a64c 4a8d a1c9 7b10812188d6
95 points

Heavy metal,, nope Finland national curling team.

Preview 335d96aa 28bc 4d43 879c afef69e4e0fa

The Swedish King supporting his country when its needed most of all.

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97 points

Carrying it like that is whiskey business

Preview d06b3cc1 d5a1 4209 8200 3cad573f5fd4

"Hey Bill, what are you up to this weekend?"

Preview 46fe04f2 c96a 4d8a ab9e 54407b9f4fb9
71 points

This dude going down the sidewalk working out

Preview f74666db d2a4 46be 960a 15f67137b052
68 points

Let me show you my whiskey.

Preview 2fd7b692 5c5c 4ad6 bdfa 8ac9255dbee4


Preview c166ce12 7975 4a22 9da7 a1243665c4d3
111 points

Someone said that this belongs here

Preview ef65252b 9847 4995 aee4 fa8f383a8faa

Matter of perspective

Preview fcd1eb6d 8c35 4c37 95ec a11dcf8d1acd
78 points

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Preview 0cc8d5fe 8a33 451e b888 59c99cfd6a71
106 points

China...no wait USA

Preview 3e148fc9 af4e 48a4 917f 6ce84ecbbe63
122 points

Fight me demons!!!

Preview b5d8a24f a70e 4149 ae35 25e11a7286f5
50 points

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