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Avengers 4 leaked scene.

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93 points

London proposed to add this to its buildings in 1934 since infants needed "fresh air and sunlight"

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Bit of a shitty situation

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103 points


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92 points

Just fueling up my two tanks

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108 points

Meanwhile, In Walmart...

Preview a571a873 a25e 4add b49b c0b43b6e67e2
86 points

Free ride, anyone?

Preview 515f94ca 7354 4bfc a48c 04fda5b247ae
92 points

Keep on going

Preview 40a534ab 69cf 4ac6 a2d6 05bf9df2f8fd
94 points

Friend took this while driving in Angola today

Preview d5e163a4 40f5 425c 9ad7 cb4c5c8d4463
94 points

Roadrace in Indonesia

Preview 4e122143 7777 41d1 86f2 ef53566a6a78

Rolling your vehicle when you’re a hoarder

Preview 79e7add7 8eb7 442b af8d 876184215dae
68 points

When I get old....

Preview a1e8d065 fcea 456a 97a4 c4ab5beef0de
86 points

When your cat runs your life but you like to keep things tidy.

Preview e89f4161 20fa 44ba 8503 bf725ceb05fc

When you eat more than the size of your stomach

Preview b201dbc2 70a2 41bb bc83 acf2c9d35a34
80 points

Nope, definitely not a school bus.

Preview d2f3093f 940f 4c1e b714 76b9d1a74c3b
80 points

My hometown has become a tourist destination for the Hatfield McCoy trails. I really thought I had seen it all...

Preview d6e1cadb a80d 444c 8de2 c2dfa3e0aab5
82 points

looks safe

Preview f10abc50 edc2 4b4d bff2 5ce9f9c603d8
61 points

Bet they had a good laugh over that one

Preview 8e0878b3 bf65 430c 9839 9ac3a8598561
99 points

Saw these two today.

Preview 6946f2ad b062 4441 9324 57e9b44c5e3b
74 points

The administration has decided there will be no more snow days

Preview 74bcb01d 4012 4698 bb00 8387103c4945
72 points

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