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Police stop at a Canadian half marathon

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32 points

Buzz Lightyear's shiny new hog.

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23 points

why does this exist

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23 points

Squad's back together.

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19 points

A dog slipping

Preview ea70e815 0f1c 4b8f 8017 1e52f717cb09

Now I know why Adidas pants have a vertical stripe and the sneakers stripes have an angle

Preview c711c464 dc86 4018 8263 75a02b4b68be
101 points

something came through the bus window and out the other side. gunshot? in any case it scared the shit out of me

Preview 3d9ab69a 4291 4b18 9a19 9a908ff286f7
23 points

Good thing they had a photographer to snap their bike stunts

Preview ea73fcfd 247c 49fc 8579 2e7f6f1e799a

What would you call that?

Preview 8dddc75f bb65 4f3b b456 2da4336b28fe
24 points

Jumping off the edge

Preview f807a7e1 2f32 4fdc 87fc b1e3cb78e182

Public transport in Sarajevo

Preview 581a4d46 1b57 48e0 a506 5d79ad8cd5d4
24 points

No matter how bad things are...they get worse #2018

Preview 0c4616e8 1093 4f0f bf16 4734875d77d0

Just another day in San Francisco

Preview bc71b837 907d 426e 8f43 db08444f2317
73 points

It's modest, but it's mine. Cozy and minimal living room.

Preview fdd0526b 721d 4790 9f09 347099a92f16
22 points

Never gonna give you up.

Preview 4028017f 3f97 44cd bd41 3874f44801cf
71 points

A Living Room Inspired By Stranger Things

Preview d0f45f7a bb4b 44ad 856b ca9814e4e2d5
23 points

A school bus in Beirut.

Preview d3dfcc7f 7935 40f3 969f bf5d9c5809f0
17 points

Subway of Budapest in 1896 (colorized)

Preview 3492903e 36b5 4405 a56a 9ebcb9397fdb

Scared by sledding jump

Preview cd4adf27 8c42 4cee 92e4 0a84c701990d

Truck and bus line up just right

Preview 12affa96 6dea 4465 9b97 a5eefa5590c5

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