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Baby cages

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Engine failure

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59 points

House cat found in ice.

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85 points

Didn’t doubt it for a second..

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61 points

Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of kind of cheating ?

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56 points

Mums vs Dads

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81 points

My husband was in the ER today and all I could focus on was how dirty his bed was.

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107 points

I “FAIL” off my bike!

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Tried to take a picture of my cat sleeping but accidentally scared him

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66 points

My car on Christmas Eve a couple months ago

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96 points

Awesome helmet

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54 points

what Canadians do in their free time

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84 points


Preview 080e6a0b f419 48bd 8d7c 3566a104ca30
79 points

My dad right before breaking his collar bone on my uncle’s bike, that he took without asking. Early 70s

Preview 0c586eea 150b 487b 860c 199067526060

Brace for impact

Preview 4aded40a 5bd7 4d61 9bde 47d8cbad6652

Cable car to Mount Hua, China

Preview ffa553d3 9f2a 4148 86ff 7580e4ba4515

So glad I spent $80 on a new bed for my dog...

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Preview b70b085b 8e37 4fc5 abff 78c6e022f62e
87 points

Walked in on my dogs...

Preview 76f3a295 4ae2 4161 8360 2150f8599db6
105 points

Look mom, no straps! Firewood on roof

Preview 2b724694 f742 430f 9a0b f44265b43541
79 points

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