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Trailer For District 9 Director's "Volume 1" Delivers Some Weird Sh*t As Promised


Breakfast is ready

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136 points

When barcelona fires you and now you have to wash dishes

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157 points

Just a little snack sweetie

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83 points

How Gordon Ramsay Deals With Kids Vs Adults Will Probably Make You Like Him More


The World's Smallest Philly Cheesesteak Will Still Make You Hungry

163 points

Reinventing the vegetable drawer

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170 points

With shrimp they said

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108 points

It's a race...

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92 points

I think I just hacked the matrix

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117 points

What A Condom Full Of Spaghetti Looks Like

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121 points

When wife is not at home. only 3 left

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74 points

But why? I cant even...

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85 points

Mama mia

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90 points

This memes are gold!

Preview c8d9110b 1bf4 4973 aabf 6ea6cd6e2ded
84 points

I lizard likes to eats worm, hehehe I gets very happy

Preview a8278313 cc5c 49b7 9bf4 526ee6321b42
168 points

Life of a French baker is hard

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82 points

Helpful tip

Preview 5998c830 9eaa 4736 921e cb0fc9d2b9af
139 points

When your friends think she's hot and you don't

Preview a77749e8 167f 4c86 ae5f 5ba8094898f0
128 points

Nope, not eating here

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