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Early Italian nuclear test

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59 points

When I was a young boy

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20 points

found in Coles brand "chicken necks"

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68 points

Stuffed possum

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14 points

Does this not look like Jimi Hendrix appeared to my friend on his hamburger placemat?

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17 points

Send noots

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65 points

My Girlfriend thought she was funny....

Preview c4bfaf16 fe0d 484e 9ae4 c56c45ba1a25
73 points

Dinner is ready!

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19 points

Healthy pepe

Preview 7dd7935a c066 4db8 b129 f9b48b77a041
85 points

When you want to make Turducken, but don't have the right ingredients... I introduce to you, the Turkraken

Preview ca51cfc0 56cd 4e33 b18b 25e157195e79
20 points

I think I got Chester Cheetah's litter bag.

Preview 810f266a 79f8 4e2b 8802 864a822dc431
18 points

Egg and gge

Preview 7e18b859 0aff 4b5a 8e06 efb7ca944db3
23 points

This water reached hot anyway

Preview fad6fb28 b92b 4da6 b91c e1c45c6b38f1
82 points


Preview fcfa855e 4467 40cb 8200 64a0e2651253
12 points

Broccoli flower

Preview b82eb2cb 0e2e 4853 8900 68a030832976
20 points

Low key trashed the whole house. So i kinda pranked my parents since they cleaned it up


Food Pr0n

Preview 66c29c8f 2e1c 4f03 9836 f8a511b298a0
23 points

Egg Ghost afraid of it's own tits.

Preview 733eab79 71e4 48cf aace 49e6b0f39862
24 points


Preview 69eff2a4 7ffb 4fb3 b2c8 9007a39ab99c
22 points

Found bugs in my brocolli when I was eating at the school cafeteria

Preview 291b543e 6779 46ed 84d7 1e25f0b769cf
23 points

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