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Surprise the kids tonight with some feetloaf

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81 points

He fried for our sins

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97 points


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120 points

The new sex dolls are incredibly life-like !

Preview bdf1744b 0805 4cc7 9ad2 a228d10e8d2c
88 points

Italian Bell Pepper

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71 points

Petri dish results: 3 minutes in a hand dryer

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118 points

Haggis and Marmalade ice cream from Mackies 19.2 in Aberdeen. HAGGIS?!!!

Preview 982270d4 9e01 4705 923c 406bf0cd6b11
106 points

Pancakes he said

65 points

Opening a fresh bag of brown rice from the supermarket for dinn.... OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!? IT LOOKS LIKE A MOTH GRAVEYARD FROM HELL!!!

Preview 5ff1eeb4 13fa 4eee 8a1b 116233041494
81 points

Hard boiled eggs from the hotel’s continental breakfast that I was staying at.

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60 points

Because German engineering

Preview 19210361 a6e5 45cd 8567 102d21edbcc6
110 points

The Empire Fries Back

Preview f0b6d098 61e7 4ab2 a01e 0776e58960a6
43 points

Gluten Free


Early Italian nuclear test

Preview 0b27321e ac17 4fa0 b1d4 59aff943b9eb
88 points

When I was a young boy

Preview 05c1714a 69a5 4523 aa86 9158e296662d
38 points

found in Coles brand "chicken necks"

Preview c48a12da 1256 4205 8b05 393ebecdf541
105 points

Stuffed possum

Preview 04d8f646 a7b9 46e9 bf6a 922d0ec55577
58 points

Does this not look like Jimi Hendrix appeared to my friend on his hamburger placemat?

Preview 94a0d752 b66b 43a0 ae14 46a9526c478c
64 points

Send noots

Preview 549d8970 c335 4352 abd9 74706f4055d0
106 points

My Girlfriend thought she was funny....

Preview c4bfaf16 fe0d 484e 9ae4 c56c45ba1a25
103 points

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