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The fox and the hound

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Everything is fine.

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Just in case anyone was having a bad day...

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32 points

Our office couch potato on our office couch.

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70 points

Doggo is confuse

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64 points

Things will get better!

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83 points

Is a Corgo ship

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Maxine the fluffy Corgi


My dad's chihuahua alerted him of a bear and chased it up a tree in the front yard

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14 points

B I t t e n

Preview e7e744db a4fe 4cf9 a1c8 4a601098b5a1

18 ‘Then and Now’ Photos of Puppies/Dogs That Will Restore Your Faith in Everything

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108 points

Happy American Independence Day from doggo! 🐕🇺🇸

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11 points

Sailing around the world

Preview 8cbe72fb fe97 4a57 9970 9c479854378a
150 points

Hey gurl, u want sum wow?

Preview b4de9355 4e02 49c2 8afa 328423ede82b
17 points

My lil man

Preview ed3e7d0f 8490 4bfb b6cd a6c9c80fcda8
17 points

This is so me

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10 points

Flubber Pupper

Preview 88fe9485 dd3f 4e1d 87a5 2881cd40e32a
9 points

'Get down from there and play with me', I'm afraid to go up the table.

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