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My friend’s dog is a deep sleeper and we had a leftover corn cob...

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112 points


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135 points

Her reaction when i say " i have another dog "

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My “ ginger beast” and her evil “ familiar “

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I turned on the AC

Preview 303fdb2b a28b 4bc4 91ad 88293b020662
62 points

Everybody, stay away from my car...

Preview 0ccd4a91 ef0b 4fba bcd6 ae6a217f64cf

Have you ever been so excited ?

Preview 5267e007 f695 46ce a1f7 0fd377fbe717
103 points


Preview 24c3fb9c fdd2 43ac 91b8 63f8b8a36a5b

The cat’s way of coexisting

Preview bc0fe202 8e72 462b 9df4 4297efa9be28

cat hates dog master

Preview 38436f94 f892 4ebc 815c 37619cb5c07e

This poor doge

Preview c8a44a4d 8673 4868 b5a5 7c6252dd1782
68 points

The fox and the hound

Preview 6e8aa8c6 bea2 413b a8a2 b8433c717e22
81 points


Preview d2507362 f750 4d0d 8de5 17d53fe81551

Everything is fine.

Preview d6b7cc00 2532 40c7 8d83 bc4a4e953285

Just in case anyone was having a bad day...

Preview 447eaa72 b690 4da5 8f17 d3fccc263306
47 points

Our office couch potato on our office couch.

Preview 04e15bef 7622 4241 b2b4 2eba4d2a17cd
79 points

Doggo is confuse

Preview 88e30368 e6e8 48ad 91d7 acc2375ebca8
76 points

Things will get better!

Preview 0699d85e 94b7 4834 a3b8 89ad0e16c791
100 points

Is a Corgo ship

Preview 8abf9a46 19c0 4cd0 88ce d16467127998
101 points


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114 points

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