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This model looks like Dwight and Angela's baby .

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71 points

Alice in chains.

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78 points

Loved the halftime show!

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104 points

Goku Transforms Surprising College Girls


The IT department got a new employee

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I really don’t like this.

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72 points


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79 points

Santa got some new reindeer

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66 points

You see the guy right, he doesn't wear socks..

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106 points

Seven Years of Christmas Family Photos

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97 points

This is the kind of love I want

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99 points


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22 points

You disgust me, Ronald

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55 points

Coincidence? I think not!

Preview 66c327a5 dc23 418b 8b60 4fe1a4afd60d
62 points

It all makes sense now

Preview 48452a47 1ef9 4fe2 ab50 c674aae5e314
20 points

My Dad who is blind dressed as a pirate for Halloween.

Preview 6bc47060 d16e 4431 a503 67ae9706f786
20 points

This proud Aboriginal elder travels 1864 miles to be at his granddaughter's graduation

Preview a44cfac6 866e 4cba b962 4f213cf2597e
66 points

This guys toes

Preview 0a8da60c df59 4a70 b58b b9ffb8ae304f
67 points

If video games have taught me anything, this guy is selling rare items that I'll need later in my quest

Preview 921920d7 5dba 4a7a badc d57d8ad03634
98 points

Deleted scene

Preview 3f1a40d2 8f59 43ba b0a6 f14ab8c7f9d4

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