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While our band was on tour, a guy offered to let us stay in his house. This was there, and many like it. We slept in the van.

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From Norway with love.

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Snoops Costume

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Epic artwork

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8 points

King Family Values

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Keep your bs taylor swift, I'll take this band any day of the week.. and I live in usa.

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When you're a weeaboo but didn't forget you're a Disney fan as well

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Meanwhile in Germany

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Cheers to this mate who drank so much that he forgot his gf was in his shoulders during brazilian carnival.

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Neighbor says your dog is scary and needs a muzzle? Not a problem.

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A Human Is Hitted By The Bull.

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Parenting done right.

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Speaking of childhood!

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Immortan Joe cosplay

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King Family Values

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If this escapes fresh I will dress up like this anime girl and post a picture of my feminine body (I'm a female girl)

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27 long years IT has been...

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Friendly reminder that this man has not yet received his Oscar.

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I guess now we know where the white walkers came from in Game of Thrones.

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