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Gorgeous chef's kitchen in West Village home

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17 points

Downtown Denver Loft on 16th Street Pedestrian Mall

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22 points

Shaker kitchen with panoramic bifold windows

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69 points

Kitchen features a custom ceiling with exposed joists and a skylight together with wooden accents made from reclaimed wood in this home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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51 points

Finger Puppets are Fun.... WTF

Preview a480b62d 985e 4139 b326 29fc2665fa21
86 points

Lady and her cat

Preview 045605ee 9dc7 471b 8f83 87db6cb87e17
75 points

New kitchen design, happy Easter!!

Preview b4d1a131 0d45 4a93 aa6a 2484a1afef04
62 points

Might have something to do with explosions

Preview 29796102 52d7 4102 9d04 56a891754233
124 points

My Caesarstone Mink fabricated island design I hope you like it :)

Preview 8bdeb5c6 37bf 47b6 a2f6 ef8235d9a444
85 points

So... I've remodelled and applied a lot of the critiques from the previous post - New Render

Preview c514b371 f88d 4726 8b18 764321cb37d0
74 points

New to Reddit, This is one of my recent renders

Preview cee6aff0 f4ba 4c62 a506 f8671e0ec844
62 points

Brighton East Interior / Dan Gayfer Design , Australia, 2014

Preview a62ecfbc 3045 4175 84be 4b06a1b6fc08
68 points

Warm industrial loft in Santa Monica, CA

Preview b1c694ec 7538 4392 a4f1 baacc6d95804
72 points

Greenhouse style kitchen in a renovated farmhouse located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Preview b01db449 b17e 4565 82b8 3bb42acadac3
44 points

Oh dad!

Preview 984f858b 9969 4643 9667 37da297252ea
103 points

Brand new kitchen in Aspen, CO

Preview 31e8214a 5354 443a bdd8 b8922f4cd4a9
59 points

Working in IT, I can relate

Preview 3555fbbc f787 48a6 8f3f 8dad61f72642
63 points

Melbourne Loft Kitchen

Preview 915cd6fb 2295 4813 ba36 f59121438b66
65 points

We don't need no education

Preview 8c14fa19 4a34 4538 9433 45503c42744e
97 points

I think she gives a pretty clear answer

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94 points

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