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Meth ruins lives

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169 points

This guy is just as goofy in person

Preview 7acb765e da23 4112 bd4b bd8e4768fbb3
141 points

Meirl :)

Preview a9261807 dd13 41b8 b16c 07f7ac1e00f2
235 points

I can’t believe she did this 😂


Duct Tape Prank on Girlfriend

110 points

The wave

Preview 6cdcbd32 d130 4a8f 8cd9 b9b5e3066a54
116 points

Another perspective

Preview b0e0e3f5 e509 419a 91a0 6ea71220549f
131 points

i see no difference

Preview 380530c3 395b 4dab 8901 8f05a7eb554e
143 points


Preview e3e832e0 f0dc 491e 9222 ef1ba55db0c4
119 points

Me as a Parent

Preview 9b5350ac c652 4e66 b69b ec9323185640
111 points

Let’s take a nice family photo...

Preview 5d56cc82 f564 42a4 9b65 422460bdf541

Average Face

Preview 14f3d0e1 c18c 4045 8140 36c76f33bfdd
121 points

Perfect timing. Not so perfect moment.

Preview aeb7783c 8394 4102 b4f7 40d9b3ab6cc0
100 points

someone broke into my moms car

63 points

Doesn't Korn just look like an older and fatter NSYNC?

Preview 2396b8e1 b2be 4b36 8e56 ffe29704a795
110 points

This Japanese album cover looks like they're about to fuck this old lady up.

Preview f9acc6e0 2fca 4c99 9678 32617939fb12
129 points

Happy Gillmore

Preview 67196e1f 6feb 4620 9188 59e66c9a0760
101 points

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

Preview c5845fc6 373a 4054 a459 e40845fb5199
140 points

*picks up crying baby*

Preview eea9bc4d 53ca 4fde b17c 4b1f88a11e7d
109 points

Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso looks like Colin Mochrie

Preview 1990cb96 47b3 493f 9445 934153a65a14
128 points

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