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Another perspective

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i see no difference

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108 points


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101 points

Me as a Parent

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82 points

Let’s take a nice family photo...

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Average Face

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98 points

Perfect timing. Not so perfect moment.

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someone broke into my moms car

12 points

This Japanese album cover looks like they're about to fuck this old lady up.

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114 points

Happy Gillmore

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91 points

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

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118 points

*picks up crying baby*

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93 points

Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso looks like Colin Mochrie

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114 points

When an obsession is taken too far.

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"When you and your friend say the same thing at the same time"

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122 points

Retail workers represent

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99 points

My friend managed to hit himself in the face while lifting the league trophy

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101 points

When you have a hot date at 9 but you also have a Dungeons and Dragons meetup at 10.

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106 points

No homo

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97 points

The long arm of the law

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