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My 62 y/o mother dressed as the creature from The Shape of Water for her Oscar party

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94 points

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a photo of me and my wife on the happiest day of our lives..

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93 points

got my gram a new apron for her 90th birthday. this is the moment she realized what was on it

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84 points

Figure skating commentating is so hot right now.

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87 points

Face swap

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73 points

Want to take bets on whether she can fly?

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Perfect Timing 🕙

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Carillion looks fine to me...

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92 points

He is getting married so he made this with his best friend and future wife.

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67 points

Kanye Don’t Look Away

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60 points

Best selfie.....

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78 points

this killed me

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66 points


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75 points

Googled celebrity look alikes, was not dissapointed

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64 points

1 second before they were enveloped by sadness at the loss of a VK.

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When eyeshadow is too effective

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53 points

My local grocery store yesterday around 5:20 PM.

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63 points

A perfect, one in a million shot that they will treasure forever.

Preview a574fdae 6a69 4a4d a94e cab2fa1dfe96

Everything is better with cake.

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104 points

John Ortiz looks like Gator

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